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Green is one of the most underrated colors, especially with menswear. Unless it is military green, we usually stay clear of green. But with time, green has grown to be one of the staple colors now. Men have now realised the power of a diverse wardrobe. If you have been thinking of getting garments that can widen your perspective on fashion and make you try new things then you should choose a green tuxedo vest. You could get the garment separately or you could choose to get it full with the green tuxedo.

Green tuxedo vest can be worn with different garments for the look to work. Green can be a versatile color when you want it to be. You just have to spend time in selecting the right shade of the garment that will complement your wardrobe. The safe choice would be to go with the dark green tuxedo since they can easily touch on the neutral vibes that the men are used to. You can also style them with both formal and casual garments. But if you want to get experimentive then choose other shades of the green tuxedo .

With green becoming one of the top colors of this season, you could now easily get the green garments and most importantly get away with wearing them for the most important events too. For example, if you have got an invite to the black tie event and you are truly bored with choosing the same old black tuxedos then we would suggest you to go with the dark green tuxedos. Particular shades of green have the ability to make your outfit look expensive and royal. Hence go through the different options before you make the choice. If you aren't ready to rock the whole green tuxedo look and want a slow and steady start then you could choose to style the formal green tuxedo with the other colored tuxedos. For example, you could style the designer green tuxedo with a navy tuxedo, white dress shirt and a dark green tie. This would offer you a new kind of look that could easily turn heads your side.

If you plan on purchasing a green tuxedo then search for green tuxedos in the web. But if you want to get the vest separately then you could specific keywords for your search like “green tuxedo near me” to find the list of sites that have the green tuxedo on sale.Our suggestion for you would be to first know your measurements from a tailor before you order the vest from the online stores. Vests are the most fitting garments for men and they should lie close to the body of the wearer for it to look perfect. Hence while purchasing the green tuxedo vest online, choose the right measurements.

Go through different styles of the green tuxedo vests available on the sites and choose the best green tuxedo which would work for the outfit that have on your mind. Check for the quality and price before deciding on the choice. In our site, we often have the green tuxedo on discount. Do check it out!

Green Tuxedo

Pairing the vest with the right outfit

Gone are the days when the tuxedos are reserved for the formal purposes only. Though they are still considered for formal events predominantly, it is not wrong to style them with casual combining garments. Of course, you will be frowned upon by conservatives but it is better than letting your expensive tuxedo wasting in your wardrobe for the better part of the year.

The tuxedo vests easily can be paired with the casual combining garments. One thing that you need to clear about is the color combination. Find colors that will pair well with the green vest and then create your outfit. If you are lost on the styling of the casual green tuxedo vest and would need some help to get started then this is for you. Here are some outfits that you can create with mens green tuxedo and we hope that it can help you.

For a winter look that will make you look stylish and also keep you warm, you can style the navy blazer with a navy striped shirt, branded green tuxedo and a pair of light grey dress pants. To perfectly round off the look, add with it a pair of brown sunglasses and dark brown leather loafers.

For a more formal look that you can even wear to your office, you can style the charcoal suit with a light blue dress shirt, dark green print pocket square, navy tie and an unique green tuxedo vest. You can get a little experimental and play down the outfit by adding with it a pair of charcoal socks and dark brown leather double monks.

You can use two color combinations with the green tuxedo vests. You can use the dark with dark look or choose the dark with light contrast. If you want to keep your outfit formal then choose the dark look. But if you want a semi formal and breezy look, you can use the dark with light contrast.

Black works well with green and hence can be used for the party outfits. For example, you can style the stylish green tuxedo with a matching green blazer, black dress shirt and black dress pants. Pull together this outfit by adding with it a pair of modern black leather Chelsea boots and black sunglasses.

For a summer outfit that you can wear to events like weddings you can style the low cost green tuxedo vest with a white dress shirt, navy tie brown houndstooth blazer and a pair of beige chinos. The brown of the blazer works well with the beige of the pants. To perfectly complete the outfit, you can add with it a pair of burgundy sunglasses and brown suede oxford shoes.