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If you are a person who hangs with the elite circles then you might have come across the term tie tuxedos. White tie tuxedos are reserved for the most formal events which are usually referred to as the white tie events and needless to say these are very rare. In the United States the tradition of white tie events and thus the white tie tuxedos is almost extinct but there are some places like the United Kingdom and some other countries where the white tie events are more often held. If you are one among the people who attends these events or you are simply curious like us read the article further since we explain everything you need to know about the white tie tuxedo suit style.

Wedding Tuxedo If you are a person who feels comfortable when you are provided with a set of dressing rules for selecting an outfit for the event you are attending then you are going to love white tie parties. There are even books dedicated to the do's and don'ts of the white tie attire. White tie attire is a strict dress code and we have already mentioned that they are used for the most formal type of events. Thus if you get invited to one of these white tie dress code parties then know that you will have to do a bit of reading about the rules.

You might already be used with the black tie attire since it is much more common than the white tie attire. There are a lot of differences between the two styles and here are some of the key points that will help you style the white tie attire in the right way.

If you look at white tie dress code mentioned in the invitation of a wedding or any of the event the first thing that you will have to do is to get a classic white tuxedo tail. You might know this by other names like full evening dress, tails or a dress suit. White tie attire is more formal than the black tie attire and thus you should pay special attention to the selection of your attire. The white tie tails are considered to be the predecessors of the tuxedo style that we have now and in the olden times the people used it for the most formal events like opening of an opera or as a groom wedding outfit. Nowadays white tie attire is often recommended for the state events, royal weddings and other such events of utmost importance.

White Tuxedo The main difference between the black tie attire and white tie attire is the level of formality and the white tie tuxedo jacket used. The white bow tie attire is more imperative and there are no excuses allowed to deviate from the given dress code. Today the black tie events allow a person to come dressed in navy blue or midnight blue tuxedos but there are no compromises made with white tie attire. Thus keep in mind the rules and follow them without fail.

Coming back to the styling of the white tie attire as we have mentioned before it is important to go with the tie tuxedo. The mens tie tuxedo jacket that you choose for the event must be an evening tailcoat and it should perfectly fit your body. The tail on the jacket should be cut properly creating a harsh line that cuts through the back of the body. The white tie tuxedo mens should always have peak lapels and white tie notch lapel tuxedos should be avoided. You should wear the tie tuxedo jacket unbuttoned at all times. This is contrary to the black tie attire where the tuxedo should be worn with the buttons fastened except the last one.

The trousers of the tie tuxedo should be high waisted with two lines of braid that run of the outside of the garment. Since the elegance of the white tie tuxedo suit should be maintained at all times make sure that you go with the right fit. Instead of baggy fit go with the one that offers comfortable space along the hip and crotch area and then tapering along the legs. This will provide you with a classic and elegant look that is suited for these events.

off white tuxedo Zoot Tuxedo 4 Button Tuxedo

The shirt that you pair with the classic white tuxedo attire should be of a white evening shirt that can be plain or pleated according to your taste. The white tie tuxedo shirt should have single folded cuffs and a wing collar. You should add with the tie tuxedo outfit necessary accessories like cufflinks and instead of buttons on the shirt studs are recommended to be worn. Go with mother of pearl of something light when it comes to studs.

With black tie you would have the choice between two piece and three piece attire but with tie tuxedo you will have to go with the three piece choice. The waistcoat that you choose to add with the white dinner jacket should be low cut with the shirt visible. The bottom of the waistcoat that you wear should not stick out under the jacket even if you go with white mens 1 button tuxedo. Depending on your taste you can choose to go with the same color or contrasting colored waistcoat. If you want a classic yet eye catching look then we would recommend you to go with satin white vest tuxedo style.

The white tie tuxedo is usually black and instead of going with the plain styles you can go with textured ones that will give a deeper look. You should add white tie with tuxedos for these events. White tuxedos are rare but aren't unheard of. If the event requires of you to be in white tuxedo but you aren't quite used to it then you can choose off white tuxedo suits like cream morning suits and such.