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If you have been thinking of getting a new tuxedo, give yourself the option to choose from the trendy tuxedos like royal blue gold tuxedos. Usually we tend to go with the obvious choices like black or navy blue tuxedos but the fashion trend wants us to choose otherwise. Black and navy blue tuxedos are still the most formal among all the other styles but that doesn't mean that they should be your only option. Here is how you can create a great impression in the event you attend while being dressed in a mens blue and gold tuxedo.

When there is an important event to attend and you want to look great for it then you could choose the designer royal blue and gold tuxedo style. Royal blue is brighter when compared to navy blue and hence with this outfit, you will be able to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You could look through the different sites that have the blue and gold tuxedo on sale. When you check out the details regarding the selected garments, you would be able to find the best blue and gold tuxedo that would suit your taste. We would suggest you to shop for the royal blue and gold tuxedo online rather than purchasing offline.

Royal blue tuxedo with gold embroideries would be the perfect choice for the formal and classy events. Imagine that you are hosting an important event and you have to look the part then you should be going with the branded royal blue and gold tuxedo. With even the maximum inclusion of gold in the garment, your outfit will be perfect for the day. But if you are attending a friend's wedding or any other event where you do not play the center role then you should be going with the casual blue and gold tuxedo that comes with the minimal inclusion of gold in it. This may be the gold tie, gold pocket square or even the gold buttons on the tuxedo jacket. Think about the type of event and then choose the look that would be apt for it.

The styling of the royal blue and gold tuxedo has the most importance in creating the right look for the wearer. An outfit can become a success or a complete failure depending on the combining garments that you choose to wear with it. Hence take the time to find colors that would match the garment and then style them in the right way.

If you have been thinking of giving the stylish blue and gold tuxedo look a try then we would suggest you to draw some inspiration from the celebrities. We often see our favorite celebrities lighting up the red carpet stage with their stylish outfits. Royal blue tuxedos are one among the common styles that we are seeing on the red carpets. Hence you can take some of the style ideas from these celebrities and add the gold element to deliver the touch of your own to the fashion.

Chris Evans

If you have been thinking of choosing the formal royal blue and gold tuxedo style that could easily be perfect for the black tie events too then you should choose Chris Evans' Oscar style.

The captain America was seen sporting a designer royal blue tuxedo paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and white pocket square. The major thing that differentiates the tuxedo from the suit is the lapel. Chris Evans chose a shawl lapel tuxedo jacket with the lapel contrasting the tuxedo in black color. This matches well the black bow tie and the black patent leather tuxedo shoes that he wore with the outfit.

If you are attending a formal event and you want to take the center stage then you should be going with the blue and gold tuxedo and bow tie look. Instead of the black bow tie, you can choose the gold one or even a gold pocket square. This will give a regal touch to the outfit. Peak lapel is the most formal kind of tuxedo lapel but shawl lapel is best for special occasions. If you are choosing a tuxedo to wear to your wedding then this outfit would be a good choice.

Ryan Gosling

If you want to take it down by a notch but still want to look classy for the event then you could choose Ryan Gosling's tuxedo style. For an event that he attended, the actor was seen wearing an expensive royal blue and gold tuxedo that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. This tuxedo also came with shawl lapel but it was in the same color as the rest of the tuxedo but made of satin.

This type of look would be perfect when you want to look dressed up but do so without creating a fuss about your fashion. You can choose the royal blue tuxedos that come with the gold lining or the gold buttons. Blue and gold pairs well with each other making it one of the best combinations to try out.

Nick Jonas

Met Gala is one of the events which is full of exciting fashion. Whichever be the theme, the celebs choose outfits that make us want to guess the look. But for men, it is mostly another formal event. For the met Gala event that Nick Jonas attended, the singer went with a shiny royal blue tuxedo jacket paired with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. He added a gold lapel pin and a pair of black leather tuxedo shoes to properly round off the look.

People who do not like obvious inclusions of gold in their outfit can choose these subtle styles like adding a lapel pin or a gold colored watch to the outfit. For a more obvious look, go with the gold colored patterns or textures on the tuxedos.