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Mauve Tuxedo

black-tuxedo-jacket When we talk about tuxedos most of us get the textbook image of classic boys black tuxedo with white shirt and a black tie in our mind. This is because of the fact that this is the style of tuxedo that has been introduced to us as the formal wear and the one that matters. The tuxedo is a classic mens garment with over a century old history. All through these years the black tuxedos have remained to be the norm with the midnight blue tuxedos barely replacing them for a short period of time. This is why the black tuxedos have been etched in our mind as the standard choice for tuxedos.

Peak-Collar-White-Tailcoat But the times aren't the same and you would have noticed the variation with more and more men breaking the rules and going with the garments that they feel are classy. Even in the big award shows like Oscars men have started diversifying from the usual black tuxedo style and going with colored classic tuxedos look. This major style change had greatly aided the fashion world and with time more and more people are starting to experiment with the new styles.

There are some colors that men tend to consciously avoid from using. One among them is the mauve. Mauve refers to the pale purplish color that was named after a flower. This color seemed to have rarely been used before the mid 19th century. The mauve is a color that borders on pink and red and thus most of the time avoided by men. But it is good color to wear and it is best if you give it a try.

Mauve men's tuxedos are one of the rare picks which can make you easily stand out from the crowd of black tuxedos. The subtle yet stylish color is a good pick for tuxedos and also maintains the classy look of it. Mauve tuxedos are for the men who like to try new styles and doesn't mind being the center of attention. You can go with mauve men's tuxedo jacket and pair it with black tuxedo pants for a stylish look.

Mauve men's tuxedos obviously cannot be worn to the formal events but can quite make an impression in semi formal events that do not require you to be strictly in black tie attire. The mauve men's tuxedos give you a boost in confidence that the usual black tuxedo would not have.

Another great place where the mauve tuxedos score a lot is the weddings especially the summer ones. The light color of the mauve tuxedos will make you stand out and thus is a great choice for the groom in his special day. When you purchase a black tuxedo jacket keep in mind to get the right shade and also concentrate on the fabric. Mauve men's tuxedo looks good when in silk with the sheen. You can also go with floral patterns on mauve tuxedos and this goes well with the color. Or you can with mauve tuxedos with black shawl collars for a minimalist look.