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Around 1920, great changes were noticed in the fashion world. The style of dressing for both men and women became more informal and people enjoyed wearing comfortable attires that were stylish and dignified as well as comfortable. The 1920s Tuxedo became a favorite for many men around the world because of its versatility and looks.

Tuxedo is actually a well known type of suit that was mostly worn on formal occasions like meetings, weddings, dinners, special social gathering and such others. The tuxedo that was seen during the 1920 had a more or less modern look with a few differences. The suits consisted of a vest and straight-legged trousers. It was worn with dress shirts that had collars attached to them. It also had a tail coat suit that was worn mostly as an evening wear. The specialty of the 1920 Tuxedo lies in the fabrics that were used to make it look sophisticated and elegant as well. If you want to dress up in the true 1920s Tuxedo , go for flannel or tweed materials. Lighter fabrics like blended wool and linen and cotton are also used nowadays for comfort reasons but the style remains the same.

The 1920s Tuxedo style is perhaps the best choice for anyone to wear for any formal occasions. It offers a strikingly majestic look to the wearer that attracts women a lot. Moreover this attire can be customized according to your requirements and body structures. The various types of designs that you can select from includes single-breasted, double-breasted, notched collar, shawl collar and three buttons. Which one will be the best for you depends on your structure. If you are a stout person, go for the single-breasted tuxedo and if you are tall and slim, the double-breasted tuxedos is perfect for you. The shawl-collar suits a heavily-built man. But you should never use too many accessories when you wear your 1920s Tuxedo as it is complete by itself and looks more stylish when it is worn simply.

Tuxedos are available in various colors black being the most common among them and are preferred by many as it can be worn with any dress shirts and mostly for all events. Other colors you can get are dark gray, white and other lighter shades too. Your tuxedo should however have satin lapel along with satin stripe in the trousers. The tail jacket gives an authentic look accessorized with a simple black tie. Choose a lighter shade of shirt to wear with your linen tuxedo that has a wing-tip collar, button studs and French cuffs. The pants should go right down to your shoes to get that elegant look.

1920s tuxedos 1920s Tuxedo is not a fashionable outfit for the elderly people, but looks really great when worn by well-structured men. The main point to remember is that the fit must be perfect if you want to create that traditional feel. Look out for the original tuxedo at the authentic stores that sell the special cuts and designs to retain the feel of the golden era of fashion.