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If you are thinking of purchasing your first suit and want it to be a black suit, read this article. Most of the men choose to go with the black suits for the special occasions but almost all of them choose the plain black suits. Now there is nothing wrong with selecting the usual plain black suit but if you want it to be a little more interesting then you could choose to go with the black suit with velvet lapel.

This does not vary your outfit much when compared to the plain black suit style but it will make you stand out subtly from the crowd of people choosing the same outfits over and again. Black suits have been the standard style since a long time. But you might have noticed recently that the black suit craze is fading. Black is almost out of the list of colors suitable to wear to work. This is majorly because of the fact that it can make the person look dull especially in the morning unless the suit is brand new. But with the addition of a velvet lapel, the whole suit gets a new look.

The velvet fabric is known to give the garment a rich and fabulous look. The suit jacket is the element of the outfit that gets noticed the most and the lapels take the mainstage. You would have noticed that the main difference between the suit and tuxedo is the lapel. In tuxedos, the lapels are made from either satin or grosgrain which offers a formal look to the garment. While the suit comes with the velvet lapel, it could give the outfit a complete makeover. Thus the viewers would instantly be attracted and impressed with the velvet lapel before they move on with the rest of the outfit. This makes the mens black suit with velvet lapels one of the best choices for events that are of importance. You could easily style them for the parties, weddings and more.

You could get the suit with velvet lapel online by going through the designs in the sites that have the black suit with velvet lapel on sale. There are different options and each could offer a cool look for various events. You also have to think about the factors that matter to you the most. For example, you could go with the designer suit with velvet lapel for important events like weddings but if you want a simple low cost suit with velvet lapel look, you could even try out the removable styles. We have different styles of the garment and we even offer the velvet lapel on discount.

As for styling the black suit with lapel, there are a lot of options. Choose the best style according to the type of event you are attending. Choose combining garments that will also nicely complement the suit. Here are some ideas in the styling of the mens black suit with velvet lapels that you should check out.

For this, we have compiled some celebrity suit ideas. You can often see black suits on the red carpets. Now we have selected some of them and when you replace the said suit with the ones with velvet lapel, you can be done.


To one of the GQ event that he attended, the singer looked incredibly handsome while being dressed in a shawl lapel black suit which he paired with a black silk tie. With the addition of a pair of black patent leather formal shoes, the outfit was complete.

Now this is a look that is more on the casual side and can be worn for party type events. For this, you can choose a casual black suit with velvet lapel and go on to deliver the best all black suit look. The all black suit look makes the wearer look more handsome when done in the right way.

David Beckham

If you want a look that is more formal then you can choose the David Beckham look that we wore for a social event. The former footballer was seen wearing a well fitted black suit which was paired with a white dress shirt, white pocket square and a black polka dot tie. Add with it the black leather Oxford shoes and you have the most standard outfit.

Now if the event is of more importance and you want to grab some attention then you could style the formal black suit with velvet lapel with the above mentioned combining garments. If you have been looking for a groom black suit with velvet lapel to wear to the formal wedding then this would be a great choice.

Kanye West

The rapper is known for his unique sense of fashion and he also has dabbled with the designing of the garments. For a fashion event that he attended, the man was seen wearing a shawl lapel black suit with a black tuxedo shirt and a black silk pocket square. With the velvet tuxedo loafers, the outfit was definitely a success.

Now if you are looking for a cool and laid back look that still proves that you put effort in it then this is a good look. The stylish black suit with lapel along with the velvet loafers would give you a nicely coordinated look.

Micheal B Jordan

Now if you feel like you are done with the formal looks of the outfits then you can choose Micheal’s outfit. For the promotional event that he attended, the man looked awesome dressed in a double breasted black suit paired with a black crew neck t-shirt. Along with the black leather derby shoes, the outfit is the best for the young people.

You could choose to go with the unique black suit with velvet lapel and then pair it with the black or white crew neck t-shirt. The tshirt paired with the suit would give you a refreshing look.