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If you are in social media then there is no way in which you have missed the rose gold trend wrecking havoc. Rose gold is everywhere! Starting from the jewellery to the iPhone, the color has captured many hearts and continues to do so. If you are thinking of making a summer upgrade to your wardrobe then this is the right time to add rose gold tuxedo vests to it. There is a reason why we recommend tuxedo vests of all the other garments that you could purchase.

For a long time, men considered pink to be a woman's color and there are still people who believe it to be true. Colors are gender neutral and you can rock garments of any color provided you are confident in it. Rose gold is still largely affiliated with woman's garments and accessories. Thus you might feel a hesitation to go ahead with the major garments like the rose gold tuxedos or rose gold suits. Rose gold tuxedo vests provide the perfect middle ground for you to check out the trend without risking too much.

What is rose gold?

You might be quite surprised with the new trend and wonder where it came from. The rose gold color trend first started with the jewellery.

Rose gold is actually a metal that is also referred to as pink gold or red gold. To be truthful, it is actually a delicate mixture of yellow gold with copper metals and sometimes silver metals too. The rose gold color that comes in the metal is because of the reaction of copper with the gold metal.

Rose gold majorly evolved in jewelleries but it didn't take long for the people to fall in love with the rich and pretty color. Soon the color was seen everywhere and women even started dyeing their hairs in rose gold color. Now almost all mobile brands have rose gold in their mobile color catalogues. Men are somewhat late to jump into the trend but the jump was affirmed when Jason Mamoa, the person who is considered to be the epitome of all things masculine showed up to an event while wearing a rose gold suit. It is time that we get the memo that the rose gold trend is here to stay.

Now coming back to the rose gold tuxedo , the major advantage with tuxedo vests is that you can style it with almost all garments. With a color like rose gold, your outfit would easily become fantastic. You just have to find the right outfit with which you can add the stylish rose gold tuxedo . But first you will have to get the tuxedo vest.

You can purchase the rose gold tuxedo vest online by searching for the different sites that have them on sale. You could use the rose gold tuxedo vest near me to find them easily on the web. We in our site too offer different styles of the best rose gold tuxedo vests. We ensure that our vests would be of the best quality for the price that you pay for it. You could even get the rose gold tuxedo vests on discounts.

Styling of the rose gold tuxedo

If you have the rose gold tuxedo and want to give the style a try then here we are to give you some ideas on how to make the look work.

The color combination is the one thing that you have to know when styling the garments. When it comes to rose gold the lighter colors work well with it and hence it would be best for you to style the garment for the summer and spring events or the events that happen in outdoor venues.

Beige and rose gold

If you have been looking for breezy and cool look that you can wear for the fun type events then you can style the white dress shirt with a navy striped tie, casual rose gold tuxedo vest, beige long coat and a pair of beige chinos. This outfit can be easily pulled together by the addition of a pair of tan sunglass s and burgundy leather brogues. If you are attending a laid back summer party then this would be a great outfit to be worn for these events.

Navy blue and rose gold

If there is one dark color that pairs well with rose gold then it is navy blue. This is fortunate since we men tend to have a wardrobe that is dominated by navy blue garments.

For a formal event that you are attending, you can choose to style the navy business suit with a white dress shirt, dark brown polka dot tie,formal rose gold tuxedo and burgundy print pocket square. To easily dress down the outfit, you can add a pair of dark brown leather monks to this outfit. For people who are bored with the same old three piece matching suit sets, this would be a refreshing look to try out.

Ivory and rose gold

If you are looking for a dapper outfit that you can wear for the summer weddings then we would suggest you to style the ivory blazer with a white dress shirt, black and white polka dot tie, designer rose gold tuxedo and a pair of black chinos. Paired with dark green sunglasses and burgundy leather double monks this would be one of the looks that would gain you a lot of compliments.

Copper and rose gold

Rose gold has a slight copper hue to it and hence would look good when paired with the copper colored garments. For example, you could pair the copper blazer with a white dress shirt, navy blue tie, branded rose gold tuxedo and navy dress pants for a cool look.

Rose gold and pink

Pink is another color that looks good when paired with rose gold. For an impressive summer outfit, you can pair the pink blazer with a white dress shirt, unique rose gold tuxedo vest and a pair of white chinos.