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cheap tuxedo These classy, stylish, yet cheap prom tuxedos are nominally priced at affordable.We also provide a variety of luxurious, amazing vintage prom tuxedos and retro prom tuxedo.

These classy, stylish, yet cheap prom tuxedos are nominally priced at affordable. Look your best at an affordable price for your prom this year. Standard tuxedo comes with jacket, pants, shirt and tie. Shoes are sold separately. The quality of these beautifully crafted tuxedos does not suffer for the price and will keep more money in your pocket.

A cheap prom tuxedo is the only practical choice when you may only use this tuxedo for this one night occasion. Save extra money for your dinner and limousine when you invest in one of our gorgeous cheap prom tuxedos.

These extremely cheap prom tuxedos are exquisitely handmade of extravagant silk feel poly-rayon with notched lapels and optional pleated or flat front pants. Jacket includes vented options for polished look. Shirts and ties can be matched to your date's dress. Why rent when you can own one of these magnificent tuxedos for less.

You will look like a million dollars for your prom date but you will spend much less. These new additions to our fabulous tuxedo line will not last, so purchase now to save money. Call today for your cheap prom tuxedo before it's too late. Color options include black, charcoal, and navy blue dry clean only.

new tuxedo Impressive vintage prom tuxedos

We also provide a variety of luxurious, amazing vintage prom tuxedos. Our vintage prom tuxedos include a variety of shirt types depending on the decade you are emulating with your vintage prom tuxedo, including a nylon, graphic print, or ruffled shirt (made popular in the 1970's). Jacket options include black or white wool poplin with peaked lapels, satin inner lining, and ventless styling, and are typically waist length. Pants are made of fine quality polyester with rear pockets and optional ankle flare to match your vintage 1970s look. Look groovy with any of these vintage prom tuxedo combinations that we offer.

Phenomenal retro prom tuxedo

Along the same lines as the idea of our vintage prom tuxes are our retro prom tuxedo. Affordable but still classy and custom crafted, these handsome 3 piece tuxedos come with jacket, shirt, and vest. Look like you just stepped out the 1950s or 1960s with one of these cool retro prom tuxedo retro jacket features two side pockets plus one inner layer pocket and comes in wool or rayon. Vest includes two small pockets, and pants come with two side pockets and two buttoned back pockets. Get the retro look you want to impress better than the rest with any of our retro prom tuxedo.