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Mens Velvet Tuxedo Blazer

If there is anything that can lift up your dampened post-holiday spirits, then it is definitely going to be the velvet tuxedo blazer. We often associate velvet garments with holiday atmosphere and special occasions but recently the velvet has entered the daily wear world and we are definitely intrigued with the change. Women have already embraced velvet for their own long ago but for men the decision is still ambiguous. We as creatures that view anything moderately flashy with caution, velvet is still a hard option for most people especially the men who are used to subtle styling. But in this article, we intend to discuss how you can make the velvet tuxedos blazer look work out for you both for the special and the daily occasions.

Gold Tuxedo Velvet is still a topic of interest in the fashion world but the fabric had its origin in Egypt during the 2000 BC. It was considered to be a rare item that was reserved for the royalties. The rareness of the fabric was because of the fact that the velvet garments were woven by hand by skilled technicians and thus it needed extended time and skill to make an eye catching piece. The velvet garments at that time were often decorated with the precious items like gold and more. The velvet fabric industry during the tenth century mostly was concentrated in the Middle east and eastern Europe. But soon the rich fabric found admirers all over the world and people started using it mainly for drapes and clothing. Now velvet is considered to be one of the rich and sophisticated fabrics that can instantly make your outfit look fit for the special occasions.

When it comes to velvet tuxedo blazer, this is one of the most versatile garments that you can have in your wardrobe. If you have been looking for a style that could work for the events where you want to dress up, then mens velvet tuxedo blazer is the best outfit. Styling the velvet tuxedo dress blazer with a white tuxedo shirt, velvet bow tie and a pair of tuxedo pants would be the standard outfit that should work for these formal events. But instead of restricting the style only for the formal events, you can also try styling them with casual garments for the semi formal and casual events too.

You might be wondering how you can make a flashy item like velvet tuxedo mens work for the casual or semi formal events. But suits were also considered to be a formal item once that weren't used for the casual occasions. Now we have adapted the suits for almost any occasion and the same goes for the tuxedos. If you can think it, then you can do it especially when it comes to fashion. Thus instead of keeping the mens velvet tuxedo jackets locked up in your wardrobe, style them with different combining garments to make it a versatile style.

If you have a velvet tuxedo blazer already in your wardrobe, then it is good. But if you are just thinking of buying it now, then we want you to note some of the important things. The color of the velvet tuxedo jacket for example, is one of the most important details about the garment that influences the look a great deal. If you are a simple and subtle dresser, then you should start with the dark colored styles like the velvet black tuxedo mens or the navy velvet lapel tuxedo. These dark colored styles give out a subdued look that could make it work for almost any types of events. But if you want a style that gets you noticed then try going with the different colors of the velvet tuxedo blazer mens. It still would be best to stick with the dark shades but avoid the classic colors. Instead of black and navy, you can try going with the emerald green tuxedo blazer and similar styles.

If you have been wondering about the styling of the mens velvet tuxedo blazers, then we are here to help. We have brought to you some of the best velvet tuxedo blazer outfits from which you can draw inspiration for your own outfit. The range of these outfits vary from subtle to flashy and depending on your particular style, you are free to make your pick.

Burgundy Tuxedo Fuchsia Tuxedo Red Tuxedo

Starting with a style that is attainable to all, you can style the black velvet toddler tuxedo blazer with a white dress shirt and black chinos. To infuse more casualness to this sharp look, add a pair of black leather driving shoes without socks. On the other hand, if the event you are attending requires you to put more effort into your outfit, then styling the black velvet shawl tuxedo blazer with a dark green satin dress shirt and a pair of black skinny pants would do the magic. A pair of black socks with black leather derby shoes will give a refined look for the outfit.

These outfits are best if you are attending an event as a guest, but if you are to be the major attraction of the show like being the groom of the wedding, you can choose a little more bling. For example, you can style a velvet burgundy tuxedo blazer dress with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black dress pants for the special occasion. To maintain the dressy look of the outfit, add a pair of black leather horsebit loafers. Instead of the peak lapel or notch lapel blazer, try out the velvet shawl lapel tuxedo blazer to obtain a dressier look.

For a more casual take on the outfit, you can style the skinny velvet navy tuxedo blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of charcoal grey dress pants. Round it off with a pair of black socks and black leather derby shoes. For an outfit of more color, you can style the blue fitted velvet tuxedo blazer with a tobacco crew neck t-shirt and a pair of khaki chinos.