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When there is a formal event that requires coming dressed in a tuxedo then most people would usually go with the rental choices. It has become rare for a man to possess a tuxedo in his wardrobe and this is mostly because of the fact that he thinks it a waste to spend a large sum of money on a garment that we use rarely. But you can use it as separates â€" the tuxedo jacket, the tuxedo vest and even the pants. In this article, we will help you reach the decision by proving that the royal blue tuxedo vest can be of great use even when it is worn with the full tuxedo.

Now men usually go with the black or navy tuxedos since these are considered to be the standard color choices. But the days of strict rules are over and now you are free to choose tuxedos that are even of brighter colors. If you are attending an event that is happening in summer or spring then we would suggest you to go with something vibrant than the black and navy tuxedos. Royal blue tuxedos would be a great pick for these events since it is more exciting when compared to the standard colors.

You can wear the royal blue tuxedo to even the most formal events, especially if you don't mind some extra attention coming your way. Royal blue tuxedo paired with a white tuxedo shirt, burgundy bow tie and a white pocket square is a nice look.

The whole tuxedo look is amazing but truth be told, there aren't many events for which you have to wear tuxedos. So instead of letting it rot in the wardrobe, you can use it by pairing with the other formal and casual combining garments. Usually when it comes to separates, the tuxedo jacket gains the most attention. But you can go with a different style by choosing the tuxedo vest. Some people might choose cummerbund to be paired with the tuxedo but most would choose the vest. This is partly because of the fact that the later is more versatile.

The vest was once a standard piece of clothing in mens everyday style but fell out of style gradually. But recently we have been seeing a surge in the number of men being interested in the vest style. Hence royal blue tuxedo vest would be a great inclusion to your style.

You can get the royal blue tuxedo vest online even separately. The people who do not have the need for the tuxedo but want to try out the stylish royal blue tuxedo style then you can choose this option. There are various styles of royal blue tuxedo on sale and we would suggest you to go through the shopping websites to find a style that would suit you in all ways. You need to find the best royal blue tuxedo that is great in terms of quality, fit and also price. In our site, we have wide range of collections from the most expensive royal blue tuxedo to the low cost royal blue tuxedo vests. Visit our site to get the best offer and if you are lucky you might even get the royal blue tuxedo vest on discount.

When it comes to styling the tuxedo vests, you have two options. You can style them with the formal garments like suits and you can wear them with the casual garments. We would suggest you to go with the former option since the tuxedo stands at the highest level of formality and it does not mingle well with the most casual garments. Hence take the time to get used to the style before you start experimenting with it.

If you are trying out the style for the first time and want to go with the safe path then you can pair the formal royal blue tuxedo with a royal blue suit and a white dress shirt. Matching two garments of same colorcan be a hassle since the shade might be slightly different. Hence make sure that the garments match well and check the fabric and texture. You can add with this outfit a white pocket square, black sunglasses and a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. This is a cool outfit to try when you are attending semi formal events and you want a smart look for it.

Another option would be to style the designer royal blue tuxedo with a white dress shirt, royal blue print tie and a pair of matching royal blue dress pants. Now contrast this outfit with a beige check blazer and a pair of tobacco leather tassel loafers.

If you are ready to play with the color combinations then you could style the branded royal blue tuxedo vest with a dark brown blazer, dark brown striped tie, white dress shirt and a pair of khaki dress pants. Finish this outfit off with the addition of a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes to maintain the formalness of the outfit.

If you want a slightly casual look then you can choose to style the casual royal blue tuxedo vest with light blue striped shirt and a pair of light grey dress pants. Blue and grey works well together and when paired together might give you a tonal look. To add more casualness to this outfit, you can add a pair of brown leather tassel loafers and blue socks.

If you are in love with patterns then we have the right outfit idea for you. You can pair the unique royal blue tuxedo vest with a dark blue plaid blazer, white dress shirt, black tie and a pair of blue dress pants. Now with the addition of a pair of brown leather tassel loafers, you are ready to rock in the outfit. Other than this you could also choose patterned tuxedo vest styles like paisley mens royal blue tuxedo and more.