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It is common knowledge that tuxedos are the formal choices for the black tie events but did you know that there is a more formal style present? You might not know about tuxedo with tails since the style has faded with time. People now consider tuxedo to be the most formal garment available to men. But if you are a person who loves to know the evolution of garments or live in a society where white tie events are still frequent then you should be knowing about mens Tails With Tuxedo.

The tuxedo with tails style was common during the Victorian period and it continued to be popular until the advent of the short tuxedo style that we have now. The men used these garments for the formal events that happened after sundown. The original purpose of these clothes were to go nicely dressed for these events without the traces of morning labor. The clothes that they wear for the work was never used for these events.

But after the invention of automobiles, the line between morning and evening garments started to fall apart. People rode in automobiles and thus did not get their clothes dirty as it was the case with horses. But until then, men always chose to go with the formal tuxedo with tails for the formal gatherings.

The Tails With Tuxedo style has fallen apart now but in some places especially in the United Kingdom, the practice is still present. You might see men dressed in unique tuxedo with tails attire for the royal and state events. This style of the tuxedos were also worn for the events like opera and the practice is rarely followed today. If you have been thinking of trying this style out of curiosity or you have an event that requires you to wear this style then we would suggest you to pay some attention to the details.

We are talking about the white tie attire which is considered to be more formal than the black tie attire. Hence there are a lot more rules surrounding the right styling of the garment. Thus take some time to know about these rules and then make the decision. Apart from the styling, it would also help to spend some time researching the different styles available and then make the pick.

For example, there are a lot of sites that have the tails with tuxedo on sale. But very few offer the best tails with tuxedo in terms of quality and price. Thus you have to first think about your requirement. For example, think about the type of event for which you are getting the suit. If it is an important one like your wedding then it makes sense to spend a lot on the garment. You could go with the designer tuxedo with tails for these events. But if you are simply trying out the style or putting it on for costume events then we would suggest you to go with the low cost tails with tuxedo. In our site we offer all styles of tails with tuxedo online. Depending on your budget and taste, you could select the style that could work for you the best.

tuxedo with tails

Rules to follow

Now let us imagine that you have the invite to one of the most prestigious events and you are required to show up in a white tie attire. With black tie attire, you can deviate from the guidelines and it is not considered to be totally out of the line. But with white tie dress code, there is no such thing as casual tails with tuxedo and you are expected to strictly adhere to all the rules mentioned. This makes white tie to be one of the most easiest and hardest dress codes to follow. Hard because of the rules and easy because you don't have the pressure to get creative with the outfit.

The major components of the outfit include the tailcoat paired with a white formal shirt, a vest and a bow tie. The tailcoat is the most important item when it comes to formal tuxedo with tails look. The tailcoat comes with the extended fabric at the back of the jacket. The cut should be perfect for it to look the best. The tailcoat should be black in color and the trousers that you pair with it should also be black in color. The tailcoat and the trousers should both be made from the same material.

The formal dress trousers are similar to the modern tuxedo trousers with the satin or grosgrain side stripe that is present on the outseams. The satin is also present on the waistband of the trousers and also with pocket piping.

The shirt that should be worn with the party wear tails with tuxedo should be a formal white shirt that is usually worn with the modern tuxedos. Always go with stark white shirts and avoid choosing off white or cream formal shirts. Often it is recommended for you to go with plain shirts but you could also choose the textured ones. The shirt should have a French collar. Cuff links are to be worn with the formal shirts. Silver cufflinks with the mother of pearl stones would be the ideal choice.

One of the important elements of tails with tuxedo is the waistcoat. With black tie attire, you can choose the cummerbund or waistcoat but it should be in black. But with white tie attire, you should always choose white waistcoats. The color of the waistcoat should match the color of the shirt.

The bow tie that you wear with the tuxedo with tails should be of white color. This is the most essential component of the outfit. Go with a simple and classic bowtie and never choose the pretied ones. Again it should match the color of the shirt and the waistcoat that you wear. To fully round off the wedding tails with tuxedo look, add a pair of black socks and black patent leather formal lace up shoes.