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Mens Light Pink Tuxedos

Fashion has always been dynamic and it would always remain hard to predict a change happening. If you have been following the recent changes in fashion, especially with menswear, then you might have noticed an interesting change happening. While we have remained strictly a fan of the neutral colors, we men have started embracing the brighter colors too. Thus today we have a recommendation that is different from the usual styles like the grey and black suits. Light pink men's tuxedos have become one of the common styles in menswear now and it is time to focus some spotlight on the garment.

Baby Pink Tuxedo Slimfit Tuxedo Velvet Tuxedo Wedding Tuxedo

We have been under a misconception that there are certain colors that make you look masculine while some other colors make you look feminine. This has led to men avoiding colors like pink like a plague. But we have evolved with time and have understood that masculinity is not such a fragile concept so much so that it depends on the color that you wear. We have been seeing increasing men accepting this and as a result there have been a lot of men starting to include different colors to their wardrobe choices.

Light pink tuxedos are one such style that you can definitely try out even if you are a person who has been used to the neutral colored clothing. People who have been used to the neutral clothing might find it hard to include colors to their outfits immediately. Pink is one of the colors that had been cliched for a long time. Thus suddenly breaking the norm and rocking a bright pink tuxedo might be unrealistic for most people. Mens light pink tuxedos definitely softens the look and thus are perfect for the people who like subtle styles.

The light pink tuxedos and suits are already having a moment and thus you will not be the only one who would be trying out the style. There are various shades of the light pink tuxedos and depending on your taste and need, you can choose the best one. For example, if you are looking for a contemporary style, choose salmon pink tuxedos or something similar. But if you are looking for a style that you can wear for the summer and spring events, then choose to go with the mens light pink tuxedos. Each of the shade offers a different kind of look and thus make sure to spend some time to find the best look.

Pink Tuxedo As for the fabric of the light pink tuxedos, most of us would choose to go with the wool tuxedos since it is the most preferred style for the tuxedos or any formal garments. But when it comes to light pink tuxedos, they are usually recommended to be worn for the summer and spring occasions, especially the outdoor ones. In that case, to battle the heat, it would be better if you choose the lightweight styles. Pink cotton tuxedos or pink linen tuxedos are some of the recommendations that you will have to keep in mind, if the event is happening in summer. Other than this, if your aim is to look grand and stand out from the rest of the crowd, then we would recommend you to go with choices like pink satin tuxedo dress or pink velvet tuxedos. These are the sophisticated fabric choices that would instantly elevate the look of the garment that you wear.

When it comes to the styling of the light pink tuxedos, we have some suggestions to make. Usually when we talk about tuxedos, we tend to choose the standard styling of the garment. By standard styling, we mean pairing the tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and maybe a vest or a cummerbund. This has been the usual styling of the formal tuxedos for a long time now but know that you can do more than that. Do not restrict yourself to this usual styling and try to go with the smart casual and the casual styling of the garment. Here are some of the famous celebrities making the pink tuxedo style their own. It would be great if you take home some styling lessons from these outfits.

Daniel Craig

You might have already heard about this, but we are here to remind of the iconic moment when the then James Bond of that time stepped out in a bright pink tuxedo jacket. The fashion world went mad with the outfit since the man effortlessly slayed the look.

Sequin Blazer If you have watched the James Bond films, you might already know about the man being personified as the embodiment of masculinity. But for the No Time To Die premiere, Daniel Craig stepped out wearing a pink designer tuxedo blazer which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants not to mention that the tuxedo jacket was velvet. Not only did Daniel Craig go with the contemporary style but also slayed the pink classic tuxedo dinner jacket look by properly fastening the double breasted dinner jacket along with the artfully dishevelled white pocket square. If thee was anyone arguing that pink is a women’s color, then Daniel Craig proved it otherwise with this pink velvet tuxedo jacket outfit.

If you are a person who loves to try out flashy looks, then you can try out this style. Other than this, you can also try out the patterned styles of the pink tuxedo jackets. Pink floral tuxedo jackets and pink Paisley tuxedo jackets are some among the top recommendations from us.

Jake Gyllenhaal

If Daniel Craig’s pink tuxedo outfit is for the flashy outfit lovers, Jake Gyllenhaal’s outfit is for the subtle dressers. For the Tony Awards event that he attended the man was seen rocking a satin light pink wedding tuxedo which he paired with a white dress shirt and a matching light pink cummerbund. If you aren’t a cummerbund type of person then you can choose pink tuxedo vest mens.