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Most tuxedos we see on the formal occasions tend to be in dark colors. But did you know that there was a time in last century when the light colored ones like dusty blue tuxedos were trending. If you are looking for a stylish look that is different from the usual styles then you could also try out the mens blue tuxedo look. The look would be suitable to be worn for the more casual type of events. It is also best to be worn for the morning events that happen during the brighter seasons like summer and spring.

The colored tuxedos are trending at the moment and this would be the right time for you to get yourself a dusty blue tuxedo. The dusty blue shade has also been on the top of the favorites list with the celebrities and the fashion designers taking a sudden interest in the color. If you have been watching the award shows then you might have noted that the color is being frequently spotted. It is finally exciting to see what the men will wear for these award events with the same old black tuxedo look becoming out of fashion. It is time for you too to try out new looks that will heighten your fashion standards.

Now dusty blue tuxedos in the last century were worn for the special occasions like weddings and such. The men styled the unique dusty blue tuxedos with ruffled tuxedo shirt, bow ties and boutonnieres. They matched the look of this outfit with a pair of two tone formal shoes. Now if you can visualize the look, you might know that it was a little tacky and you can never go with the same look unless you are dressing to a costume event. Hence you need to put your own spin to the garment and make it look appropriate for the type of event that you are attending.

Now there are a lot of different styles in blue tuxedos and you need to find the best look available for you. We would suggest you to first look for the sites that have the blue tuxedos on sale in the web. You can do this by searching with targeted keywords like blue tuxedos near me. With this you can check out the sites and get the best style of the blue tuxedo online.

There are many deciding factors while choosing an outfit. The quality matters the most and hence take the time to find the sites that offer affordable dusty blue tuxedos that are of the best quality. There is also the budget you need to consider. Some people might be ready to choose the most expensive blue tuxedos but some would want the low cost dusty blue tuxedos. In our site, we have different styles of dusty tuxedos on discounts.

When it comes to styling of these tuxedos, we already have mentioned that reference from last century might not be the best. Think about the event for which you are styling the tuxedo and then make the choice. If you want a formal look, go with styling the formal dusty blue. Tuxedo with a simple white tuxedo shirt and maybe a black bow tie. You can match the look of the tie by adding a pair of black leather tuxedo shoes with the outfit.

This is the standard look that you can choose but this is not much different from the black tuxedos. Hence you need to go out of your comfort zone to create a different look. If there is a semi formal or casual event happening then you can style the dusty blue tuxedo with the casual combining garments or even as separates. This will help you form new looks with the garment. Now here are some celebrity outfits that can help you style your blue tuxedo in unique ways.

Idris Elba

If you want a cool look that can turn heads in the event you are attending then you can take style advice from Idris Elba. The man chose to wear a designer blue tuxedo paired with a black polo shirt to an event that he was attending. He rounded off the look with a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes. Black works nicely with dusty blue color because of the contrast this combination offers. Now this is the type of look that you need to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Robert Pattinson

The lighthouse star is well known for his light hearted fashion sense. For the award event that he attended, the actor was seen wearing a notch lapel casual dusty blue tuxedo which he paired with a slightly darker shade of blue dress shirt and a black long tie. The buttons on the tuxedo jacket were also black in color. Add with this outfit a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes and then you have the perfect outfit for the red carpet events.


For the Billboard music awards, Usher was spotted wearing a slightly brighter version of the blue tuxedo. The singer is known for his unique and bold fashion choices but we mostly spot him in casual clothes. But for the award event, he wore the branded blue tuxedo which he paired with a blue chambray dress shirt. This look was enhanced with a huge ring in the small finger, silver watch, brown sunglasses and a pair of dark brown leather shoes. This is the type of look that you should choose when you are in the mind for something fresh.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has been experimenting with the colored tuxedo styles now and when he appeared for the Hollywood walk of fame event, he went with a best quality dusty tuxedo which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black tie. The double breasted tuxedo outfit was completed with a pair of black patent leather Oxford shoes.