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Men's Tailcoat Tuxedo

When we discuss formal clothing the tuxedos occupy most of the conversation since they are considered to be the best choice for the most formal events. But there is a garment that scores more on the formality factor than the tuxedos. Tailcoat Men's tuxedos are rare in recent times but are one of the most elegant choices for the formal clothing choice of men. They are also widely known as the morning coat. If you are new to the topic then we discuss everything you need to know about the tailcoat tuxedo and how best to style them in this article.

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The tailcoat Men's tuxedo is similar to the regular tuxedos but instead of the tuxedo jacket these garments tend to have a knee length coat with the front portions short and the back portion extending like a skirt. This skirt like rear portion which resembles a tail is the reason why the garment is known as the tailcoat Men's tuxedo. The tailcoat Men's tuxedo have a long history in menswear even older than that of the tuxedos. Truth be told the regular tuxedo design that we have now is the upgrade for a functional design of these tailcoat tuxedos. Thus the tailcoat classic tuxedos were the original formal garments in the early times. Though it is rarely used in recent times some important events like white tie events ( which are considered to be even more formal than the black tie events) sometimes have the tailcoat Men's tuxedo as the dress code. The tailcoat Men's tuxedos are more common in the United Kingdom rather than the United States.

The reason why the tailcoat Men's tuxedos come with the tails is because of the fact that they have their origin from the coats that were worn for the horse riding in the early modern era. Thus the tailcoat Men's tuxedos were cut in such a way that the rider will not face any difficulties while mounting or dismounting the horse. This was also the reason behind the name morning dress which the tailcoat Men's tuxedos are often known to be. Till the 19th century the gentlemen had the practice of riding a horse in the morning and thus the attire that they wore during the activity was named as the morning coat. However with the progress of the 19th century the tailcoat Men's tuxedo shifted to be more of a formal wear that men wore the evening events. The tailcoat Men's tuxedo is also known as the dress coat and cutaway. With time the frock coat replaced the formal attire of the evening events.

Tuxedo With Tails As mentioned before the usage of tailcoat Men's tuxedo in recent times is rare but there are some events to which you can wear the attire. Formal events like white tie events and formal weddings are some for which you can style the tailcoat Men's tuxedo. Most of the formal events related to the royalties still have the tailcoat Men's tuxedo dress code. If you are thinking of trying out the tailcoat Men's tuxedo style then here are some tips that will help you make the right pick.

The tailcoat Men's tuxedo is often single breasted and the jacket is properly fitted so that it gives the wearer a sleek silhouette. The single breasted tailcoat Men's tuxedo mostly are worn high on the neck and the main characteristic of the jacket is the tails on it. The tailcoat tuxedo jacket is longer in the back than on the front and the tails usually end near the knees of the wearer. Peak lapel tailcoat Men's tuxedo are more popular than the tailcoat notch lapel tuxedo. When you need a tailcoat vintage tuxedo look we would recommend you to go with the ones with M notches for the lapel since it was the most popular design in the 19th century.

In the front the classic tailcoat Men's tuxedo reaches the waist portion on the front and sides. It is designed in such a way that there is a prominent gap between the end of the coat and the waistband of the trousers so that the vest or the cummerbund can be displayed. The trousers of the tailcoat Men's tuxedo are worn high on the waist than our regular tuxedo trousers. This is designed in such a way so that the tapered v shape of the wearer is highlighted and also the legs are shown to be long thus creating an ideal illusion of the body shape for the viewer.

Six Button Tuxedo The most important factor to note with the tailcoat Men's tuxedo is the fit of it. It is formal garment and thus when you choose to go with one it is best to purchase the custom made tailcoat Men's tuxedos. But the price involved might be too high for some and in that case make sure you go with the perfect fit. Skinny fit tailcoat Men's tuxedos and tailcoat slim fit tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended to get the perfect fitted look. Other than this you can try out the classic fit tailcoat Men's tuxedos for a slightly roomier fit.

There are a lot of types in tailcoat Men's tuxedos and the choice that you make should be based upon the purpose for which you are getting the garment. For example if you are attending a formal event and want to dress up for it you can go with the designer tailcoat Men's tuxedos. As for styling a perfect example comes from David Beckham when he rocked the tailcoat Men's tuxedo style for the Royal wedding. He wore a single breasted peak lapel black tailcoat Men's tuxedo with a dove grey vest, white dress shirt and a black tie. The simple look flattered the fashion community and instantly put the tailcoat Men's tuxedo trend back on spotlight. This simple look can also be an inspiration for the groom attire as the wedding tailcoat Men's tuxedo. Other than the single breasted style you can also try out the tailcoat double breasted tuxedo even if it is rare. If you are getting the tailcoat Men's tuxedo for casual purposes like a costume party then you can go with Mandarin tailcoat Men's tuxedo or tailcoat sequin tuxedo.