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Mens Western Tuxedos

When it comes to tuxedos our minds conjure up the image of the formal tuxedo paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie. While this is the standard look western culture has the reputation of doing everything in their own way and this applies to the tuxedos too. Most of you might not heard about the Western tuxedos and the style is more authentic than you think. In this article we discuss the Western tuxedos and all that you need to know about the style and how you can style it for yourself.

Western tuxedos is probably the earliest form of formal wear widely popular in the 1940s and they were the dress codes for the dances that were held by the Texan social organizations. The black tie and boots inaugural ball is a popular event that were held at that time by the Texas State society and men came dressed in Western tuxedos for these type of events. The Western tuxedo style came into limelight when President Bush the senior who was a Texan wore the garment for his inaugural ball in 1989. He wore the mens Western tuxedo and paired it with cowboy boots that were decorated with presidential seal. When Bush the younger attended his own inaugural parties in 2001 he also dressed in Western tuxedos.

Western tuxedos incorporate elements of the Old West into the traditional tuxedo, creating a striking and distinctive look. These tuxedos not only showcase the wearer's personal style but also pay homage to the iconic cowboy culture.

If you are wondering how the Western tuxedos differ from the usual tuxedo style then we are here to explain. The Western tuxedos are believed to have had their origin in the southwestern states. This style of the tuxedos were also widely known as the Texan tuxedos especially by the Texans. The Western tuxedo is considered to be a Western variation of traditional evening attire. As for the components of the Western tuxedos they incorporate some of the characteristics of the usual tuxedos. The Western mens tuxedo have the tuxedo jacket which is mostly black but also available on different colors. This Western tuxedo jacket is paired with a formal shirt and a black necktie. This tie can be a bow tie or a Western themed bolo or a string tie whichever suits your style. The vest to wear with the Western tuxedo is optional. If you want a dressed up look you can add a vest but you can also do without it. While these characteristics of the Western tuxedos seem similar to the usual tuxedo style the difference lies in the lower garment. Instead of the tuxedo pants the Western tuxedo jacket and the formal shirt is paired with jeans.

The jeans is a part of the Western tuxedos and are most often black or in dark colors. This swapping of the tuxedo pants with the jeans give the tuxedo a more casual twist making them look more stylish. Now this ensemble should be completed by adding appropriate accessories. As for the footwear you can add with the Western tuxedo outfit a pair of black cowboy boots. This will match perfectly with the Western look that you are aiming for. The usual patent leather formal shoes will look out of place because of the jeans.

One of the key features of western tuxedos is the use of materials that reflect the rugged yet refined aesthetic of the West. Instead of the traditional wool or satin, western tuxedos often incorporate leather, suede, and even denim. These materials not only add a touch of ruggedness but also offer a comfortable and relaxed fit, perfect for those long nights on the dance floor or at the rodeo.

Black Tuxedo Other than this you should add with the outfit a cowboy hat because let’s face it what is a Western style without a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. The cowboy hat is usually black so that it matches the look of the tuxedo but you can also try other darker colors. Though the jeans that you choose should be well fitted you will have to wear a belt with it. This belt should be of black leather and come with a oversized belt buckle. There are different variations of Western tuxedos available in the market especially with the Western tuxedo rentals. One variation of the Western tuxedo style comes with a longer tuxedo jacket with the other combining garments remaining the same. Some also provide the styles which come with tailcoats instead of the usual Western tuxedo jackets. If you are feeling a little bold then you can choose to go with western tuxedos that come with embroideries. If you are thinking of trying out the Western tuxedo style for yourself then there are a few things that you should note about the garment.

Western Tuxedo The fabric of the Western tuxedo is the most important thing that you should note. When you need a Western tuxedo formal wear then you can choose to go with classic styles like the wool western tuxedos or the cotton Western tuxedos. If you are looking for Western wedding tuxedos then these are your best picks since they give out a proper and sophisticated look even when paired with jeans. But when you need a Vaquero Western suit that is more on the casual side then you can choose to go with the Western tuxedo denim jacket and these are also widely known as Canadian tuxedos.

As for styling the Western tuxedos here are some ideas which we think might work for you the best. For a classy and safe look you can choose to style the black Western groom tuxedo jacket with white dress shirt, burgundy tie and a pair of dark blue jeans. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. If you are looking for a summer wedding look then you can style the beige Western wedding tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, navy striped tie, light blue vest and a pair of navy blue jeans.

For a slightly laid back look you can choose to style the mens Western tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of navy blue jeans. Leave out the tie option and add a belt with medium sized buckle. For a classy and laid back look you can choose to style the Western tuxedo mens with a white dress shirt, satin Western tuxedo vest and a pair of tuxedo pants. Instead of jeans you can add a string tie and a cowboy hat.