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Be it any major event that the celebrities attend, we hear some fashion brand names without doubt. One such name is Calvin Klein. The fashion brand has been in business for a long time name and has earned a solid place in the fashion world. If you are looking for a tuxedo to wear to a special event then your choice must be Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedos.

History of Calvin Klein

You might already know that Calvin Klein is arguably one of the best fashion brands in business right now. It has become a leading lifestyle brand that has broken a lot of rule and non-conformist ideas in fashion.

The fashion brand was founded in New York in the year of 1968. The design of the brand mostly aim at delivering a simple, minimalist but at the same time sensual aesthetic to the products that it deliver. If you are a person who likes subtle styles but with a touch of your own style to it then you would definitely love the Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedos and products.

Some of the factors that make the brand one of the best are as follows. The quality of the Calvin Klein products is of top notch. The construction is of high quality and comes with a responsible design. The brand offers you garments for all types of occasions. The products are designed with the customers in mind and to deliver the best performance for the people who purchase the products.

One thing that has kept the brand relevant for more than half a century is the constant determination to provide products that are unique and dimensional according to the changing needs of the customers. This makes the brand stay relevant season from season. Calvin Klein has also adapted itself to the growing digital demand. There was once a time in which you could get the garments only in the retail outlets that have the Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedo on sale. But now you can easily purchase the Calvin Klein slim tuxedo online with just a click from your digital device. This focused approach has made them relevant worldwide and help them grow with the long term success in mind.

If you are thinking about choosing the Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedos then you should consider the type of event for which you are getting the garment first. There are different styles of these tuxedos that will suit your taste for the different events and thus you will have to be first clear with your preference. One you have the rough picture of what you need in mind, you can start browsing through the different options available for you. For example, in our site, we have the most expensive Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedos but we also sell low cost Calvin Klein slim tuxedos. Once you have the budget for your purchase, it makes your shopping easier.

You already know that the celebrities are customers of the brand. We have both male and female celebrities trailblazing the red carpet while being dressed in the Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedos. If you do not have much of an idea on the selection or styling of the mens Calvin Klein slim tuxedos then here are some of the celebrity outfits that can help you.

Jamie Foxx

For the Vanity fair Oscar party which the actor attended with his daughter, the man was seen wearing a grey designer Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedo with black peak lapels. He looked dapper in the well fitted tuxedo which he paired with a black tuxedo shirt and black velvet bow tie. He perfectly rounded off the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes.

Usually people go with the pairing of tuxedos with the white tuxedo shirts but as we said before the rules are made to break. If it is an event without a strict dress code then go crazy with the all black ensemble.

Zac Efron

If you are looking for a more formal and standard look with your tuxedo then Zac Efron has you covered. For the Oscar award event that he attended, the actor was seen wearing a black branded Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedo suit which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black long tie. Maybe he was not a bow tie person at that time. What better way to complete the formal Calvin Klein slim tuxedo outfit rather than to add with it a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes. This the most formal and standard look that you can get out of the tuxedo. You just maybe want to replace the long tie with a black bow tie and add a pocket square.

Cory Monteith

For the SAG awards event, the Glee actor was seen wearing a black stylish Calvin Klein slim tuxedo outfit. He paired the formal tuxedo with a black tuxedo shirt and a metal blue print long tie. With the inclusion of the standard black patent leather oxford shoes, it is still a better and creative look when compared to the usual tuxedo looks.

Andy Samberg

For the Emmy's, the actor was seen in earing a patterned black Calvin Klein slim fit tuxedo which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black patterned bow tie. If you are a person who loves to go with something different but subtle with the usual styles then this would be a good choice to make. Instead of the same old plain tuxedos, go with something that is textured or patterned since it adds depth to your outfit.

Moonlight stars

We all cannot forget the night when Moonlight received the Oscar for the best picture. But did you notice the tuxedos that the male stars wore for the Oscars. Every one of them wore the black party Calvin Klein slim tuxedo which they paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a long black tie. With the well polished black patent leather oxford shoes, they indeed look great while receiving the well earned Oscar.