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Look Your Very Best In A Red And Black Suit Jacket

The red and black suit jacket you wear helps you bring a bit of color and intrigue to what you wear. The red suit jacket mens style that you try helps people notice you because they did not imagine you would wear something that amazing. They give you many more compliments, and they get the impression that you care about how you look.

1. The Shade

The shade of the jacket is very important because some of these jackets must be dark as if they are to be worn in a professional setting. Someone who picks out the bright red jacket will get noticed, and you might want to use this jacket to go out at night and get people to notice you. Bright red almost belongs in the club, and dark red could be mistaken for burgundy in your office.

2. The Trim

The red and black suit jacket trim that you get helps people see the structure of the jacket. You are giving them something that looks much more modern when you are wearing red and black together, and you should consider this jacket when you want to look organized at a meeting or presentation.

3. The Lapels

You might get a red and black suit jacket that has black lapels, or they might have darker reds on the lapels. The lapels that you choose could be shaded black because you want to look like you are in a tuxedo, and that makes you look much more sophisticated.

4. Conclusion

The red and black suit jacket you have chosen to wear to the office of for formal affairs changes completely how you see yourself. People take note of you when you walk by, and they let you know by giving compliments. Just one structured red and black suit jacket could completely change your personal style.

Men's Black Suit - Differences in British Cut and American Cut

To know the difference one need to examine the cut of a mens black suit. In the British American tradition, there are only two silhouettes that have historically been cut into black red suit patterns.

Mens Black Suit: The American Cut

The American cut is a 3 button, natural shoulder jacket, with a notched lapel, and a welt upper pocket and flap pockets below.

The jacket is vented in the center back.

Thetop button is not buttoned, but is actually on a part of the lapel which is rolled, so that the jacket fastens at the middle button only, as the bottom button is left open.

The shoulders of this silhouette are soft and gently sloping.

The stance of the fastened button is higher than the waist, and the jacket itself is not darted inward to the waist, so that the entire look is one of comfort, but rather square in shape.

Though this pattern does not follow the body's shape, it is easy fitting, with wider armholes.

In its most traditional form, this silhouette has a "sack" shape, almost boxlike. It is usually paired with straight front trousers with cuffs, and the trousers do not break on the shoe.

Mens Black Suit: The British Cut

The British cut is a 2 button, natural shoulder jacket, with a notched lapel, and a welt upper pocket, with flap pockets below.

The top button is buttoned, and the lower button is left unbuttoned.

The stance of the fastened button is to the waist, for a longer, more graceful look than the American sack jacket.

Several other aspects of the silhouette accentuate this longer look: first, the jacket is slightly tapered at the waist by darting. Secondly, the shoulders, while soft, are a bit more shaped than the American model.

The armholes are higher to the arm, and there are two side vents in the back. All of these elements conspire to give the appearance that the jacket conforms to the lines of the body, though not rigidly.

In fact, typical of English jackets is the "blade" which is the fold beside the shoulder attachment on the back of the jacket, which provides the extra fabric for ease of movement.

The British jacket is typically paired with pleated trousers, slightly tapered, whose cuffs break to cover about 2/3 of the shoe.

There is also another British style widely admired in America - the men's double-breasted black suit, gently tapered, with a firm but natural shoulder, and side rear vents. This style buttons one, second from the bottom button, out of six front buttons. Keep in mind that a double-breasted jacket is always buttoned!

Some FAQ's about Men's Suit Fashion

Is the men's 4 button suit in style any longer?
Four button suits are not seen much these days and certainly aren't a suit one would buy their first or second suit. It is more of a fashion suit, not a classic style. Also keep in mind that four button suits really look best on those that are tall and slim.

Are suit vests a thing of the past?
Suit vests are for dandies, but also seen in English, western, and evening looks. Not really seeing suit vests otherwise.

Are suits with no vents in the back a dated look?
Vents are definitely more European and shapelier. They are also a symbol of better tailoring.

Are pleats on trousers a bad idea?
First thing is that flat fronted trousers are always more flattering no matter what your size and age. Pleats bring attention to that area of the body.