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Few items are more personal and functional on a daily basis. Just like your watch and keys, wallets are very important because it conveys something about you to others. The monetary reserves that you hold in a wallet are more of a style statement these days. No one wishes to have a clunky wallet.

With the right wallet you can make a world of differences. The best part about having the right wallet is that, it makes life simpler and easier. Functionality being the most important factor, when selecting a wallet, there are several other aspects that add on and with no particular order it includes the following like:

  • How much you use your wallet?
  • Type of material used
  • Card slots
  • Additional compartments
  • Size

With that said, quality and price are other aspects that are a standard attributes for buying all products. Some just carry debit/credit cards, while others will have it for the purpose of holding driving license, business cards, identification proofs and other necessary papers. Seeing that compartments, size and use of wallets are determined by the user, to know the type of material needs a hard study and clear understanding of different types of materials used.

Exotic skin wallets are in trend! These wallets give you an aura of opulence and prestige. Despite that, they are quite expensive; they are truly a treasure to hold. The prevalent recognition of leather is one of the major reasons of its high cost. With so many choices, it is quite difficult to please yourself, but once you've decided to own an exotic wallet, then your choice of selecting becomes easy. This article will help you know about some of the exotic skin type wallets and its style quotient.

Alligator skin wallets:

If you are heading out in search of original mens accessory especially a wallet, then you need to take a look at the alligator skin wallet. They are classy and cool and you will certainly love the intricately textured premium grade leather of it. With alligator skin wallets, you can make a style statement that makes you stand out from all others.

What makes alligator skin stand out? Its distinctive folds and ridges are the two facets that make them entirely unlike any other leather. Simply said, it offers a recognizable look that bears out to elevated fashion and power. Its only one of its kind grain draws the eye and touch.

An utmost distinguishing quality of alligator leather is the umbilical scar; it is a greatest identification because the alligator is the only crocodilian that has this element. In view of the fact that, this is one distinguishing quality, this section of the leather is on to manufacturer's products prominently in order to make the authenticity of the leather evident.

As a whole, alligator skins are going to be softer, supple and durable; providing a more unvarying scale pattern. Moreover, alligator is not a scarce i.e. endangered or threatened species, so products contrived from genuine alligator are maintaining an environmentally friendly status in addition.

Now don't hide your wallet in the back pocket, carry your gator wallet with pride!

Crocodile wallet:

Up until the 1960's, crocodiles were hunted a lot for their hides, throughout the world. They possess their own special charm. Not only the crocs skin is famous, but their skulls and teeth is also a prized possession and were used for various purposes.

This has a strapping yet supple skin that comes in two cuts namely; the smooth belly hides from the bottom and the Hornback cut which is thicker and has bumpy scales of the crocodile's back.

There is one distinctive attribute of crocodile leather and it is the integumentary sensory organ pore. On each scale, crocs have a sensory hair that is used to feel their environment. Despite the fact that, after tanning process the hair will not be present, the pore in each scale remains. A close examination will reveal to you these pores.

Crocodile wallets are internationally recognized as highly durable leather; also it is one of the world's most luxurious and highly sought after leathers. Possessing its own individual pattern, every item produced is one of a kind. Featuring just as amazing as in real life, pulling out a crocodile wallet from your coat not only gives great confidence, but also grabs attention of others.

Lizard skin wallet:

Out of all exotic leathers available in the market out there, Lizard leathers are one of the strongest and most durable ones. Renowned for its subtle lows and highs, it exudes a great fashion statement while making you stand out from crowd.

Its thin layer and spattering of mottled spots makes them distinctive. Pliable and soft, a lizard skin wallet is cool to touch and feels sleek in your pocket. Always in demand, lizard skin wallets are affordable and always grab attention.

Make a stylish fashion statement like never before and get noticed as you take out your wallet next time.

Extremely versatile, popular applications for lizard skins not only take in wallets but also include boots, shoes, handbags, cuffs and belts. Recognizably the best in leather, lizard skin wallets come a long way when cared the right way.

Stingray skin wallet:

Stingray skin wallet has a look one and the same with stylishness. Flooding the fashion world, they are known for its striking, brilliant "mother-of-pearl" area and also for its durability. While the pelts of stingrays are used as by-product, the fish is used for foodies. Its pelts have its own unique surface of hard, coarse pebbles, whilst the bottom is soft, like regular leather.

Best part about stingray products are that, they are very easy to care for and the embossed one can be identified easily. Stingray skin is fire; heat and scratch resistant so one can have the best use of it.

The scales of the fish create a prototype akin to hundreds of gloomy, glittering pearls. The intricate beadwork is also a noticeable facet and another thing is that, when light hits stingray products, its texture flashes like a piece of jewelry. It is the pearly eye that lends stingray leather an instantly recognizable exquisiteness different from any other animal hide. A classy piece of stingray wallet can turn heads and bring compliments to you.

How to care for exotic leathers:

  • Do not fold or apply pressure.
  • Keep your exotic leather products away from heat and humidity as it may cause skin to get desiccated or color fade.
  • Avoid keeping metals or sharp objects inside the bag or wallet.
  • When not in use, keep the bag inside a cloth-bag in order to prevent dirt and scratch.
  • To clean the leather, make use of a damp cloth. Give a gentle rub, in case of a stain. Do not use harp objects to clean.
  • Do not use any source of heat to dry the moisture present in the bag or wallet, let it air-dry naturally.
  • Avoid over exposure to heat and prevent mildew, keep in a dry environment.

More than a few ways, they appear to be similar, together with their classic looks, exclusivity and their ability to look great even after many years of use. What difference does it make? It simply depends on the species and tanning process developed, counting with the body section of the animal used, the quality and value will vary.

You'll find something to ensemble any fashion or event from mens classic wallet in crocodile and alligator to the more exotic stingray, gator or even lizard.

In addition to the apparent "cool" factor of an exotic skin, when compared to the regular leather wallets, exotics will hold up way longer than leather cases. Given the extra resilience of the exotic skin with the authentic leather lining, it will stay for a long period of time.

The choice for making a graceful style statement is all yours, you can choose from these five exotic skin wallets, but ensure that you don't even attempt this is less reputable dealers as they try to pass off embossed leather as genuine leather

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