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Facts about Men's Suits

Mens SuitsIn order to make an informed decision before buying a Man Suit, you should try to acquire as much relevant knowledge as possible about all aspects pertaining to a man's suit including, fabric, design, style, color, cut, trends etc.

Do not be tempted by discount deals and catchy ad lines like '100% wool suits made in Italy for incredible prices' - such things are nothing more than sales gimmicks.

Today, wearing of suits has become commonplace and for many occasions, you are required to go clad in suits. You no longer need a thick wallet to have the finest men's suit collections as even quality suits have become more and more affordable.

The suit is indeed the most elegant men's attire as long as you take care to ensure that its style, design, color and fabric are appropriate for the occasion, the season of the year and the local climate - amongst other things.

Brief History of Suits:
Nearly five centuries ago - during the late 1660's - King Charles II ordained that all men be dressed in long coats or a jacket when in an assembly. Since then, it become a typical wear among men whenever they had to attend a business conference, church event, social gatherings, wedding/birthday parties etc.

As time progressed, the men's suit became increasingly popular and, even men belonging to less affluent sections of society would have at least one suit to wear on important occasions.

In the 20th century, America launched a ready-to-wear manufacturing industry and the production of suits became an integral part of the men's clothing industry. Tailors started to work on consistent patterns and distributed Mens Suits that were more standardized.

Over the past half-century, wearing suits have become ubiquitous and men were expected to appear only in suits for many different occasions. If you are not dressed in full suit, you are considered half-dressed.

Today, several suit makers are in fierce competition in the fashion industry. However, if you are equipped with the right knowledge about suits, you can never go wrong when shopping for suits.

Till recent times, suits were almost exclusively made from "natural" fabrics (cotton, linen, and wool) because of their ability to allow the body to breathe. However, performance of these fabrics had their own demerits - linen would wrinkle too much, cotton would lose its shape, and wool would be too uncomfortable to wear unless it was of high quality.

When man-made synthetic fabrics surfaced in the 1950's, polyester became the most rampantly used material for suits because of its acceptable quality, low maintenance and affordable cost. However because it is artificial it lacked the breathability of the natural fabrics and that was a huge minus.

To overcome these problems, there is now a growing tendency to blend and most suit makers are nowadays using these smart fabrics. Judicious mix of different fibers also helps enhance the durability as well as the decor of the fabric. Blending is resorted to with natural and man-made fibers, in a variety of combinations and in different proportions.

Lining is a critical component of suit making and quality lining increases the comfort for the wearer and allows the garment to breathe better. Meticulously done lining also allows the dress to adapt with the body.

Lining improves eliminates static cling and lets the shell fabric to fall naturally.

Lining has to be neat and tidy to lend charm to the appearance of the inside of the suit and to cleverly conceal the construction materials and sewing. The lining has to be firm to effectively protect the life of the outer shell and to prevent any sweating from percolating to the exteriors.

In the interior part of the suit, there are many interlinings and the quality of these interlinings is crucial not only for the overall shape of the suit but also to extend the longevity of the suit. In branded suits manufacturers strictly use high quality four layer canvas, superior grade felt, strong horsehair and fine cotton to ensure durability and comfort.

Suit Size:
The suit size is critically important and should never be compromised with. An oversized suit will make the wearer look slovenly and comical and may even invite derisive laughter from others around. Likewise, an undersized or tight-fitting suit can make the wearer look awkward and uncomfortable. Besides, there is also the risk that the suit may burst at the seams when moving around.

Make sure to provide exact body measurements and insist on a few trials before taking delivery. As a recommendation, you should always take your suit cloth to an experienced professional tailor to have it sewn to your accurate body measurements and movement comfort.

The suit size can be a big challenge when you buy ready-made suits from off the racks. Never settle for a suit unless you are thoroughly satisfied with the fitting and measurement. Insist on a couple of trials and never compromise unless all rectifications are carried out to your complete satisfaction.

Mens SuitsSuit Style:
Many people might argue that most of the suits look identical. But, that is not true. Suits may appear similar but they are not certainly identical. You can find a wide variety of styles, cuts and colors of suits from which you can choose for yourself. You should select a single breasted or double breasted suit depending on your physical frame.

There is a vent created in the coat on the suits. Depending on the kind of suit, there may be one or two vents. The purpose is to enable you sit without basically sitting on your coat. The single vented suits are often single breasted coats which can be separated in the center. The double venting suits tend to be dual breasted jackets which might be split inside the sides.

The trousers can be narrow or wide with or without pleats. Also, you need to check for the pockets of the trousers. You may choose to go for either slant or straight pockets.

Buying Guide:
There are a set of fashion rules that you need to follow in order to get the best out of your suit purchase. No matter how careful you are in selecting the right suit, it will need some readjustments/rectifications to make it perfect for you. That is where the trial assumes importance. In some cases, the pants will need to be shortened, and in others the cuff taken out of a bit. In fact, most shoulders may not be perfectly aligned and button holes will invariably need adjustments.

You will find different types and styles of suits. A few examples are the business suit, Dinner Suit, morning suit, summer suit, and the lounge suit. If you are buying a suit off the rack, you will have to bear in mind quite a few facts. Most men impulsively buy suits, driven by the choice of colors, and end up buying suits that are not to exact measurements.

Make sure your suit fits well on your shoulders and does not stick out. Check if the sleeves peep out by quarter of an inch from the coat arms. The tailor should be able to do the same with the fitting of your pants. The trousers should not be allowed to bunch at your feet.

You must all know that fit is a very important factor when buying a suit. You have possibly heard this fact a million times before but it still needs reiteration. Fit is the most critical aspect when it comes to buying the perfect suit for yourself. The main difference between an off-the-rack suit and a tailored suit is that a customized tailored suit will be exact to your body measurements.

A men's suit these days is much lighter in weight and hence is very comfortable when you are wearing it. So, before you buy a suit, it is essential that you consider the weight of the suit. If you find that the weight is too heavy and makes you appear obese, then you should strictly avoid buying it. With the right weight the fall of the suit will be absolutely elegant and will tremendously enhance your physical personality.

Suit Etiquette:
Etiquette may be defined as a socially acceptable behavior or the conventional mode of doing things. The suit etiquette refers to the right way of wearing a suit, so that it conforms to the prevailing custom. The design, color, fabric and style of the suit are essential components of suit etiquette. For instance, incorrectly matched shirt/necktie or wrongly paired socks can make a man appear odd and less civilized.

Also, an improperly worn suit can seriously mar a person's appearance. A suit portrays a professional image and the suit you wear should live up to it. Hence, it is vital to follow proper etiquette while wearing a suit. If you are unsure of the proper suit etiquette then consult reputable suit designers and men's fashion experts.

The most notable point with regard to suit etiquette is the color of the suit. Colors that are acceptable for all sorts of occasions include navy blue, charcoal, most shades of gray, and black. You can choose other suit colors depending on the nature of the event and the season. Please note it will be bad suit etiquette if you appear in a bright colored suit for a funeral or during solemn occasions.

Suit Maintenance:
Men's suits are costly and you can not be buying a suit every other day. Therefore, the onus is clearly on you to maintain your suits. The fabric, interlinings, buttons etc are especially important when it comes to maintenance of the suit.

Take care to hang your suit properly in the wardrobe to let the wrinkles straighten out. When retrieving a suit fore wearing, make it a point.

Use a soft brush gently to remove dirt and dust particles.

Have your suits professionally dry-cleaned periodically by an experienced and reliable drycleaner. Of course, you can wear a suit quite a few times without sending it to the drycleaners. It is essential that when you go for dry cleaning, you always carry the entire suit - otherwise the coat color and trouser color could become a mismatch.

Men's Suits Accessories:
A man's suit comprises of pant plus a coat - both of which are created from the same piece of fabric. Often suits are used with a collared Dress Shirt and a colorful necktie. A suit can never be complete without all of the standard accessories that go along with it.

Firstly, you should be careful regarding the style and shine of your shoes. It is recommended that your shoes are rounded or slightly chiseled as opposed to square. You may also opt for modern shoes that provide a little extra length in the toe.

Black shoes blend well with charcoal, black or navy colored suits, while brown ones go well with brown and tan suits. Never wear hiking boots, sneakers or sandals with suits. Match your belt color with that of the shoes and use minimal jewelry, such as cufflinks, tiepin and watch. Wear a handkerchief in the chest pocket, if required.

There is also some known etiquette with regard to your jacket. In case you are wearing a four-button suit, button-up the middle two buttons and leave the top and bottom buttons unfastened. When donning a three-button suit, button-up the first two buttons and leave the last one unbuttoned. In case of a two-button suit, leave both the buttons buttoned.

Mens Dress ShirtsThe most critical point to think about is your necktie. Your tie can make or mar the overall effect of your suit. The final touch that the tie provides to the suit is what makes the tie so important. You have to select a tie that is darker in color than the suit. The tie should not be too loud and overly colorful. You can choose a silk tie for a professional appearance.

Square knots and Windsor knots are the best knots to use when wearing your tie. Just make sure that the bottom of your tie does not go further down than the top of your belt.

The shirt to be worn with a suit should compose of woven cloth, with long sleeves and collar and be completely buttoned down in the front. It should appear neat and wrinkle-free and tucked in the trousers. The best shirt colors to wear with a suit are light blue, beige or white. If possible, prefer a shirt with a spread collar, instead of a button-down one.

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