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Cool and Stylish Men Suits

Stylish SuitsAlthough some businessmen and self-employed professionals wear suit on a daily basis, most men wear suits only on formal occasions like wedding, social gatherings, business conventions, festive occasions etc. Suits particularly if they are stylish - certainly enhance the wearer's personality and make him conspicuous in any gathering.

Certain occasions demand wearing of mens suit if you want to appear respectable and dignified. The styles of men's suits predominantly depend on one's taste and preference as also one's budget.

A special occasion such a wedding demands that a tuxedo be worn by men and in this there can be no compromise. There are many varieties of tuxedo suits - some traditional and some modern - but all uniformly stylish. Whichever style you choose, you should choose a color that matches your skin tone, your physical shape and body type.

Fabric is the most important factor in buying stylish & cool suits. A 100% wool suit is definitely the way to go since wool is natural, breathes well, and is also extremely stylish. Other fabrics like flannels, corduroys and tweeds can also lend a unique style to men's suits.

There are basically three types of suit fabric - polyester is the cheapest available fabric, and then you have a mix of polyester and wool fabric and the most expensive suit made from super fine weight wools. Heavyweight suits should be restricted to winter and fall -- avoid wearing them during spring and summer.

Double-breasted suits will always be stylish, and they can look very distinct and majestic. The only people who may want to avoid double-breasted suits are obese men, who want to avoid looking wider. Single-breasted suits, on the other hand, are a look that can be worn by any man. If you choose a single-breasted suit, you must decide how many buttons you want.

Single-button suits are unconventional and can make you look somewhat odd and clumsy. If you prefer a retro look, then a single-button suit will look very cool. If you are going to have just a few men's suits in your wardrobe, then this may not be the choice as it is not very versatile.

Double-buttoned suits have a classic and look stylish on most men unless you are excessively stout. You can select a two-button suit double breasted suit as long as you wear it with the top button buttoned only.

Interestingly, three-button suits are deemed stylish by many and they are now widely available. Wear these men's suits with either the middle button buttoned or the top two buttons buttoned.

Cool SuitsLapel widths change with fashion trends. Thin lapels can add a retro edge to a modern suit but for a timeless stylish suit, opt for lapels that are between three and four inches. Peaked lapels are more common on double-breasted suits, but some even prefer them on single-breasted suits.

When it comes to vents you have a few styles to choose from depending on your taster and wearing comfort. Double vents, familiarly called side vents, are the most functional because they allow you to sit and stand up with the least amount of restriction. This style is also very flattering.

The single center-back vent is a typical American suit style that allows for moderate movement. But a single vent has a special appeal if you are fashion conscious. Classic suits are generally without vents because they look good on to the onlookers. However, unless you are slim, this can be uncomfortable while sitting in a car or in a chair.

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