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Magnificent Designer Tuxedos Shirts

Mens Tuxedo ShirtsThere are a variety of lavish designer tuxedos shirts out there to go along with some of our most magnificent tuxedo designs. You can vastly improve the upscale look of your tuxedo by adding a designer tuxedo shirt.

Designer tuxedos shirts feature the same variety of colors and style options as regular tuxedo shirts, but are generally constructed of more comfortable or longer lasting materials. You can get designer tuxedos shirts in 100% cotton or synthetic fiber blends. You can also get them in different styles such as the standard or ruffled tuxedo shirt. Get the fancy look you want and dress to impress by adding a designer tuxedo shirt to your ensemble.

Some of the features of a typical designer dress shirt are listed below: Cotton blend, imported, machine washable, sharp fit, spread collar, covered button plackets, long sleeves with French cuffs. Traditional fit offers a standard cut over the chest and waist for complete comfort. Typical standard armholes with full sleeves.

You may notice that designer tuxedo shirts are machine washable rather than dry clean only, which is how other parts of the tuxedo have to be cleaned. This added convenience is a bonus to getting a designer tuxedo shirt to go with your suit.

It's a great idea if you want to upgrade your tuxedo to the next level of sophistication, to add any designer tuxedo shirt to your ensemble.

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Pure 100% cotton tuxedo shirt

Although you can get tuxedo shirts in a variety of materials, the most common is 100% cotton tuxedo shirts. 100% cotton tuxedo shirt are soft, breathable, durable, and environmentally friendly. Many people will enjoy 100 cotton tuxedo shirt over shirts made from a different fabric because of these benefits. You can get any of these 100% cotton tuxedo shirts in a variety of colors, including white, ivory, light blue, dark blue, coral, salmon, and pale yellow. We also have ruffled shirts available in the same color choices. These shirts are available at a low price immediately, take advantage of these extreme savings now.

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Buy tuxedo shirts at affordable price

You may want to buy tuxedo shirts in bulk quantities for your store. We have deep discounts for larger purchases or purchases with larger quantities. We offer a variety of purchase combinations so that you can mix and match with our variable colors and styles. If you need to stock your store for the upcoming prom season buy tuxedo shirts in bulk now to be able to take advantage of this great limited time offer! Styles include classic and ruffle, and color options vary from lights to darks in the same colors listed previously. We offer 100% cotton or poly-rayon blends.Buy tuxedo shirts in larger amounts now for huge savings.

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