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Brick Suits

2 Button brick-suits If you want to make a bold statement then you have to look no further than going with the brick suits. We are not talking about the brick patterned suits but simply the red colored suits. Red is usually not the color that we pick on a daily basis. But when you need a new addition to your summer and spring wardrobe then brick men's suits are a good pick. Most men still hesitate to choose suits that are different than the navy suits and charcoal gray suits. Thus in this article we discuss everything that you need to know about brick men's suits and why you need to add one of these in your wardrobe collection.

As mentioned before red suit is not a very popular choice among men and this may be because of the underlying belief that the red suits are hard to style and harder still to pull off. This is true to some degree but when you know the basics of styling it the process becomes much easier than you think it to be. There are some things that you will have to note when you want to rock the beige suit with the first thing being knowing the appropriate event for which you can safely wear the red suits or brick men's suits and the second thing being choosing the right color of the red suit.

3 Button Suit These two important aspects are connected to a certain level. When you gauge the type of event that you are attending and the level of formality you can easily choose the shade of the red suit that you want. For example if you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear to work related events then you can go with deep reds of suits. For semi formal and casual use both deep reds and lighter shades of red work. The brick men's suits come under the category of the deeper shades of red that borders on maroon and thus can be used to formal events that you want to dress up to. Other than the red brick men's suits you can also try out other shades like the orangish brick men's suits or cognac color brick men's suits when you want a different look. As for the events that you can wear the brick men's suits they are more versatile than the brighter shades of red suits. You can wear the cognac brick men's suits for slightly formal events and for casual events like cocktail parties you can go with brighter ones like orangish brick men's suits.

As for styling the brick men's suits there are some things that you should note. First of all it is better to keep other combining garments that you wear with the suit simple so that the slim fit suit remains to be the statement piece of your outfit. A brick suit paired with a white dress shirt and a burgundy tie is a great style that you can wear to most events. For a dressy contrasting look you can pair the brick suit with dark colored garments like black dress shirts or navy dress shirts.

The head to toe monotone colored suits are becoming a famous style option among men. While this was a famous style with navy and charcoal suits the fashion has now caught on with the bright colored suits too. Of course the fashion elite celebrities are on board with this style and if you are looking for inspiration then we would suggest you take the lead of Chris Evans. He had been constantly rocking the monochrome look and make it better. He took the monochrome look a tad higher by matching it with combining garments of different shades of red. For example to the Shanghai premiere of the Avengers endgame the Captain America actor wore a singlebreasted brick suit pairing it with a peach colored shirt and a burgundy tie. You can try the same combination with different colored suits. The key is to keep the lightest shade in the middle for the shirt and the darkest shade for the tie to pop out.

2 Button 3 Piece Suit Brick suits are also a great look for weddings especially the summer ones. If you are a person who wants to stray away from the usual black tuxedo or classic suit look then it is a good choice for you to go with brick suits. A 3 piece brick suit is a great look when you need a formal style. The advantage with the vested brick suit look is that you can lose the jacket and still look stunning. The brick suits might be a little flashy to wear in the winter or fall season especially if you are new to wearing the unconventional colored suits.

Mens Classic Cut Suit If you are going with the summer brick men's suits the most important aspect that you will have to note is the fabric of the suit. If it is for a formal summer wedding then go with cotton brick men's suits or lightweight wool brick men's suits. The advantage with the wool suits is that they will be available in different weights and thus can be a versatile choice. If you are going with a fairly semi formal event like a beach wedding then we would recommend you to go with Tan suits. If you are a guest to a casual wedding you can also choose to go with seersucker brick men's suits and better yet tweed brick men's suits. For a cheap priced brick suit you can go with polyester brick men's suits or rayon brick men's suits.

Single breasted brick men's suits are a good choice for versatile look. Other than this you can also go with patterned brick suits. Striped brick suits and plaid brick suits are sone of the best recommendations. As for the fit of the brick men's suits you can go with the slim fit brick men's suits and modern fit brick men's suits when you need a proper style. For a roomier design you can go with Italian cut brick men's suits or classic cut brick men's suits.