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A Perfect Suit for the Men in You!

Perfect Mens SuitDoes the way of dressing style, defines who a man is? Clothes make a man, as Mark Twain says "Naked people have little or no influence in society", perfectly said!! Some might say no and some yes. Opinions differ, for a person who dresses well and have good experiences in having dressed well, will approve the latter, where as the one who think is it is just a waste of time and money and is still successful and looks good, will go for the former. You can't take sides here, because it just depends. Actually, it is not that easy to answer this particular question, as you may think. But, when it comes to making an impression, at the first sight, dressing of that particular man plays a great deal. Despite which side you go for, you definitely have to admit that dressing style of one has an impact in our perception of that person. If this was not the scenario, we would have no need of mirrors and garment business and other such wardrobe related business would have been wiped off by now.

Men and women definitely will accept the fact that the way one dresses will classify who they are, at least initially. Each and everyone have a unique style that describes their personal and makes a fixed and strong impression about who they are. Being a trendy stylish man, is no big deal if one dresses properly with what suits him best and in which he is very comfortable in. whatever he wears, if he wears it with confidence and style he will be definitely looked onto. But to be crowd puller or stand out in a crowd, you need to get into the fashion shoes and get yourself a perfect updation on the latest trends and fashions and select which suits you best and see whether you can carry it out with confidence. You need to pick the right color, right fabric and perfect fit what more? When all this is in place and you don it, voila!


Suit is one of the major, most important and widely used clothing, when it comes to men formal attire. Though, suits are worn even on other informal occasions like weddings, parties and other such celebrations and gatherings, the only difference it makes is, it is less than formal in the way it is designed, they are called the Casual Suits. These are seen sported mostly by the youth these days, who loves to wear a t shirt and wear a suit on top of it to make it look trendy at the same time classy and respectable. It is time and again said that men who are dressed smart and trendy will always be taken seriously. It is said so because, a man who takes so much interest and makes changes in his appearances will for sure give importance to other activities as well.

What you ought to know in a suit?

There are so many fine points that you should look into before you select a suit for yourself, basically what are all the details which you should see is, the color, the fabric, design, type and stitch, these are some basics, where as there are so many other particulars you need to know before you select a particular one. "The Armani Suits" are considered the world's best and most well fitted suits. These suits are founded and designed by an Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, he is a noted designer of men's wear for Having a lot of innovative designs to his credit. His suits made men a class apart, reflecting a dashing personality. The most commonly used colors to design men suits were gray and blue, since these two colors were the only colors which suit all occasions like office meetings, conferences or weddings or any other luxurious parties. You might think why black suits are not included in the mostly used, though you see a lot of them wearing black suits. Black Suits are always given second preference, because sometimes they have a mourning feel to it. Other than this, black is considered more chic than any other color; this applies to any attire for that matter. Even in suits black look great. Black is considered the much commended color for the tuxedos. The tuxedos are dinner jackets which are semi formal evening suits worn for formal dinners or any other social meeting or get together's. The other colors used for men suits are khaki, beige, brown and dark navy blue etc. colors such as white, cream, light blue, ivory are mostly preferred for casual occasions like dating, clubbing and partying.

Perfect Mens SuitDiverse and popular styles in men suits:

Men suits can be classified in different ways. According to the styles, types etc. according to styles, suits are categorized into single breasted, double breasted with peaked lapels. Lapels are nothing but the fold which is seen in the front of a coat which is usually a continuation of the collar. The second type of style is single and double breasted suit with shawl collar; it's a collar which combines with the lapels forming a continuous curving line. Jacket designs are 2 button type, 3 button type and 4 button type, kind of suits. The most common ones are 2 button and 3 button suits.

Some, of the different types of suits include:

  • Pinstripe
  • Windowpane
  • Solid statements
  • Linen
  • Tuxedos


In this kind of suit, it has a matching coat, the slacks, shirt and a complimenting tie. The minute thin stripe that runs vertically down the material is used to define and describe this suit. Mostly the material is darker than the color of the stripe.


Just like a typical suit, the same cut and material are used in this suit as well. This suit is designed with windowpane pattern to add depth and distinction to the threads rather than the stripes which is the only difference.

Solid Statements:

Using solid bright colors such as brown, black, navy blue are known as solid statements. Over bright colors such as orange, red and green will also come under this type.


Linen suits are trendy, comfortable and reachable. Linen suits are proven to be extremely comfortable, which makes the wearer feel like wearing fine sheets.


Tuxedo is a completely different one with great variation. A tux is generally worn with a cummerbund.

With all the above details, a man will for sure have the people out there to be enthralled with his style and allure brought out by the suit worn by him. To make it even more specific here are some guide lines which you can follow. Different styles of suit - for every man's physique.

Each and every body type has its own pluses and flaws, this goes for men as well, just like a women. There are different types of physiques in men, they are tall, some are short, some are slender, some heavy and plump and so on. If you dress according to your body type, and make your flaws an illusion by wearing the right type of suit, you will definitely look smart and commanding. Professionals and image consultants are there to correct all your flaws by stitching the right kind of suit for you the right way. The lines in the suit will be used to make magic on you. The design details will make you appear taller if you're not, and slender if your stout and heavier a bit if your too trim.

Find below different styles of suits which can be worn by different body types. So here are the highlights of the suggested styles of suits that work well with various kinds of body types:

The Heavy Man:

With this kind of body type, their aim should be, to look taller and thinner. These men are stout and large. They can wear vertical line suits which will draw the eye upwards. This will help the observer look away from his waist area. The perfect suits for this kind of body structure are single breasted two buttons with v stance type. They give slimming lines by forming a longer V in the upper chest part. It is better to avoid 3 button suits or jackets with short, rolled collars, because they will make you look shorter and even heavier.

The Slim Man:

The slender type man should increase his breadth across his shoulder and chest section and add some mass on his narrow part of his body.
This kind of physique will look good in single breasted, two button jackets. If you are little short you can go for 3 button jacket, with some fine vertical stripes which will make you look taller than you are. To make you appear little heavy, you should work on your waist area , where you can wear a double breasted suit with lapels that roll below your waist to make your torso look longer, which will give you an effect of added fabric to your mid section. It is better if you avoid pinstripe suits, which will make you appear too skinny.

The Tall Man:

If you are already more than 6 feet tall and have a good vertical frame, you can add some horizontal line to your suit. Having got this kind of physique, you should definitely be a fortunate man, because girls just love tall men. However, you should not be too tall and gigantic, which at times will make you look like an alien. So, talking about suits, these kind of body types can wear any sort of suit, but he should definitely wear a longer cut of jacket. You will look ultimately great in a 3 button suit, single breasted jacket. Even a double breasted coat will work well on a tall man; he will look good in horizontal lines with a front opening. None other can wear such a combination of style except tall man.

The Sporty Man:

Generally an athletic body type will have a V shaped frame, though they have an ideal shape, their shoulders will be broad, whereas their waist will be slim, forming an inverted triangle. With this kind of athletic build you will look perfect in a single breasted 2 button style that will less highlight your shoulder's width. You should look for "athletic cut" suits that gives you a bigger drop, which is the difference between your chest measurement and your hip size.

Perfect Mens SuitIt is not enough if you follow all these and fail to take care of the right kind of button type you should wear for yourself. There is a rule to buttoning. Many do not follow this button rule, since it is not that important, but it is always good to know what you wear and why you wear it in such a way. Here is a quick reference guide to when to button which button of your suit:

On a single breasted, 2 button suit, you should button the top most button only and let others open. On a single breasted 3 button suit, button the top two, if not the suit lapels tend to roll to the middle button. In that case, do not button the top button, because the lapel will lie against your torso. A classy and stylish single breasted 4 button jacket are designed so that you wear all the buttons closed and look smart and intact, but most of them leave the last button open. It is always good to button the last buttons unless they see a pull in their material around the 4th button, if this is the case, leave the button open.

Regardless of your physique or what kind of person you are, it is good to find the correct suit that fits you right and can emphasize your pluses and camouflage your flaws. When you know what to wear, how to wear and when to wear what, you have mastered it all.

Every man definitely needs at least one modern casual and formal suit in his wardrobe to complete his wardrobe.

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