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Tuxedos for All Occasions

Tuxedos Prelude:

The Tuxedo - to those who may be less familiar - is a man's tailored suit worn on semi-formal or formal wear. The tuxedo suit is available in a wide variety of colors and made of different fabrics. In fact, nowadays tuxedo suits are made in increasingly brighter colors and unorthodox designs and eye-catchy styles. Nevertheless, the most favored tuxedos are in black color. While those who can afford buy tuxedos suits, others prefer to rent these fancy suits. Tuxedos are tremendously versatile and can be worn for a variety of special occasions.

Tuxedo pants resemble the common tailored trousers except that they have a satin or ribbon stripe sewn over the outside seam of the leg. Tuxedos are generally worn with specific accessories like the slightly stiffened white pleated shirt that uses old-fashioned shirt studs rather than buttons. Another important accessory that goes with tuxedo suit is the cummerbund that encircles the waistband of the trousers and fastens in the back.

The tuxedo suit may be defined as a ready-to-wear men's dress made in specific, standard sizes. They are ubiquitously available and may be purchased or hired fro rent from any leading apparel store. Customized tuxedos can be stitched by experienced tailors and they are made to fit the wearer to his exact physical measurements and specifications. Tuxedos suits are made of fabrics that are a bit dressier, the lapel includes satin and a decorative stripe is sewn onto the trousers.

History of Tuxedos:

During earlier times, the tuxedo suits were never acknowledged as formal men's wear. In fact, tuxedo suit was seen as a less formal alternative to the standard men's formal wear. Until the early twentieth century, men wore only fanciful frock coats for formal wear. The practice was to appear in a black frock coat with tails and gray-striped trousers for formal occasions.

A black frock coat with tails, a white waistcoat or vest, white shirt with prominent bosom accompanied by black trousers and a black silk top hat -were worn as the typical formal wear by men. Reports suggest that towards the end of the 20th century, the elite Americans who used to gather around Tuxedo Park in New York - an exclusive enclave of the opulent - chose to simplify formal wear and drop the fancy tail coats hitherto in vogue. They chose instead to wear a black coat fashioned after their lounge suit coats.

TuxedosThe jackets, known as tuxedo jackets, were often decorated with rich black silk satin on the lapels and that adornment is found in many tuxedo suits even to this day. The ribbon stripe on the outside edge of the traditional tuxedo trousers resembles the gray-striped trousers popular during the nineteenth century. By the second decade of the twentieth century, the black tuxedo had totally replaced the formal black tailcoat and widely accepted as formal and semi-formal wear.

There is also another fascinating story as regards the birth of tuxedo suits. At one point in time, the Prince of Wales had a special suit custom made for him that was a departure from the formal dinner suits people wore at the time. A friend of his - an American millionaire - ordered his tailor to create a very similar outfit to match the royalty. This millionaire was the owner of a New York country club called Tuxedo Park Club and the members of his club adopted the same suit style and since then this suit has been known by the club's name.

However, with the steady development and growth of the American ready-to-wear industry, tuxedos have now become available in many fashion stores. Today, few men own such tuxedo suits and many favor renting tuxedo suits for special events. Colors, designs, fabrics and styles of tuxedos are varied today and include bright colors, complex patterns and attention-grabbing styles. It is said that the design of the tuxedo is only as unlimited as human imagination can create and the market can sell.

Tuxedo Fabrics:

Tuxedos are being made from a large variety of fabrics including wool, polyester, rayon etc. Fancy adornment is usually done with imitation silk satin such as polyester or rayon. Linings may be either acetate or polyester. Stiffeners are critical components of the tuxedo as they provide the shoulders, collar and lapel the required shape. Fasteners are generally synthetic component buttons in jackets and metal-toothed zippers in the trousers that can withstand the chemical exposure they are subjected to during frequent dry cleanings.

Tuxedos are typically made from wool or polyester and the quality is depends on the manufacturer. Generally, wool tux can be worn during cold weather and it is not during hot and summer months. Another fabric that you can choose from is Satin. Satin tuxedos are a sort of material which is immaculate like silk and often used in bridal wear and evening functions. Satin Tuxedos come in gorgeous colors. Besides, fabrics like silk, polyester, and velvet are also good selection for this suit type.

TuxedosTuxedo Design & Patterns:

The design of the tuxedo may be the most critical part of its universal appeal. A group of designers who study men's fashion often dictate what tuxedo styles will appeal to a broad group of suit-wearers. This expert group constantly creates illustrations of the styling of the tuxedo they intend to create in the factory. Fabrics, new colors, interesting lapel shapes, length of coat, or flare of the trousers are all among the new styling features the designers manipulate to produce new style tuxedos.

The pattern parts are initially sketched on paper and once there is unanimity of views, then these patterns are digitized into a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system. The designers invariably suggest the appropriate fabrics for making of the tuxedo. Tuxedos are produced in dozens of fabrics and scores of colors and utilize a variety of linings, buttons etc.

Most tuxedos are designed over a period of many days or even weeks. There are so many small tasks to be completed before the tuxedo is completed and brought to the market.

Role of Tuxedos:

Originally the tuxedo was no more than the jacket since it came from a smoking or dinner jacket. Over time, it started coming with not just the trousers but also a sash worn around the waist called a cummerbund. Tuxedos should be worn with a par of glossy black leather shoes and men should scrupulously avoid wearing patent leather or colored shoes with a tuxedo.

Tuxedos can make a man look unique and sophisticated at almost any occasion. Tuxedos make a great impression whether a man is attending a business conference or a social event. Tuxedos are a lot more than formal suits. It is something worn by several celebrities and men belonging to elite society. Every man should have at least one good solid well cut Black Tuxedo suit in his wardrobe - because there are always occasions to wear one.

Quite often people send out invitations to business meets and important dinner functions that say a tuxedo is optional. The words 'tux optional' is a polished way of hinting that you must come wearing a tuxedo suit. Every guest would do well to show up wearing a tuxedo rather than be found wanting.

Men who want to look distinctly unorthodox can wear a tuxedo jacket with casual shirt and jeans. These rebellious men can also match a black shirt to black tuxedo jacket and trousers, but the shit needs to be very high quality in design.

TuxedosTuxedo Suit Styles:

There are quite a few styles of tuxedo. The principal distinction between a men's lounge suit and a tuxedo is in the shape of collar, numbers of buttons and style of the tux tail. The single breasted tuxedo is the classic style and often worn with a white formal shirt and a bow tie. Other tuxedos are double breasted, but these are best suited for men who are over six feet tall.

Three button tuxedo suits are one of the most preferred choices among the selection of tuxedo suits that are found in the market. They are tailored in such a way so as to fulfill the wishes of those who look for style, comfort and added elegance. Wearing the right fit Three Button Tuxedos can send out a message of authority, assertiveness as well as leadership.

Casual tuxedos are ideal for any highly formal party, like ball, luncheon meetings, formal dinners and other semi-formal events. Tuxes are considered to be the most sought after suits by men for their wedding day. When you choose a tuxedo for your wedding, the bride will be thrilled to see the impressive way you look.

Custom-made Men's Tuxedo:

For most men, appearing conspicuous in every social gathering that he attends is his dream and intent. The role of the tuxedo is to aid a man highlight his handsomeness and masculinity. There cannot be two opinions that tuxedos are the best men's wear to make a man stand out and be noticed. Tuxedos are commonly used for semi-formal and formal gatherings and they are often matched with a black tie. Tuxedos are predominantly custom tailored to suit the needs and design requirements of men with varying tastes and preferences.

Some key aspects that make tuxedos look extraordinary are design of the coat, use of superior fabrics, choice of colors etc. Tuxedos principally have three types of designs for you to choose from - although these designs are constantly changing. You have the two button men's tuxedo, three button men's tuxedo, and four men's button tuxedo. The other design components can vary according to your preference.

When buying the right tuxedo, you must consider your body type, financial affordability, and the style that would enhance your personality. Thus, each button style must seamlessly integrate with the appropriate design. For instance, purchasing a four button tuxedo with broad hanging lapels would be incongruous as the neckline would not blend well with the lapels. Nowadays, three button front tuxedos are the accepted norm and continue to lead the fashion trends. The 2 button tuxedo is eternal and would never go out of fashion.

Generally speaking, black tuxedos are the preferred choice of many although it can also be found in several other appealing colors. Black tuxedos are classy because of their unique elegance and style. The breast shirt for black tuxedos is typically white. Complementing this tuxedo suit type with the appropriate accessories will surely hype up your individual deportment.

Burgundy TuxedoThe Tuxedo Future Trends:
Today men have become as dress-conscious as women and wearing the right fitting tuxedo suits really helps in enhancing one's physical personality. Lately, designers from New York, Paris, and Milan have reinvented the tuxedo to satisfy the present generation. The men's tuxedos are specially put together by experts with a keen eye for style.

Tuxedo manufactures have a responsibility to keep track of the constantly changing men's fashions. Please know that men's suit styles change frequently to keep pace with women's fashions. Fashion trends greatly influence the design of high-end tuxedos. You can witness the new and innovative styles by well-known tuxedo designers at public events.

Fresh colors and new fabrics alter the tuxedo design and style though the trend of outrageous tuxedos is nearly over. In fact, the traditional black tuxedo with white shirt rampantly seen during middle-class weddings rarely varies from year to year. The challenges that tuxedo manufacturers encounter center upon their ability to create aesthetic tuxedos competitively.


Tuxedos have been in the menswear market for ages and have a timeless appeal. You can either buy or rent a tuxedo, but buying is definitely a better option as there will be many occasions on which you may need to wear them. Being the best formal wear for men, tuxedos are wise investment any man can make for his wardrobe.

Be it a formal wedding, prom or business meet and all formal and informal events, your tuxedo suit is the mood setter. Today, due to the steep increase in demand for tuxedo suits by men from all walks of life - they are available in various sizes as well as styles for men with different body type. A man should have at least one full custom tailored tuxedo in his wardrobe, to be worn at all sorts of occasions. Although the fashion trends may change, tuxedos will never go out of fashion; making it the most elegant and timeless formal wear.