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Butter Suits

When it comes to formal clothing, men are used to the classic colors like black and navy. Apart from this charcoal gray is also a recent color that are gained the trust of business men. But we have still not warmed up towards the casual colors like green, yellow and orange. Today we focus upon one of these underrated colored suits which the butter suits.

Yellow is a color that is mostly avoided because of its brightness or tone. Some think that it is impossible to pull it off without gathering a lot of attention. While the latter might be true to some degree it is definitely not an impossible feat. There are some key points that you should remember while styling the butter suits.

There are a lot of shades in yellow like butter, tan, gold, mustard and the key to safely pulling off the garment lies in properly selecting the shade of the suit. Shades with strong accents of yellow might be best to be used in combining garments rather than going with full garments like suits. For suits you should go with subtle shades of yellow like butter men's suits. These butter men's suits might not attract too much attention and can blend in well when compared with the bright shaded yellow suits.

Mens Butter Suit For styling the butter men's suits you will also have to keep in mind the season at which you are going to wear the suit. The lighter colors of suits like gold suits might not be a good choice for winter or fall since the bright color might attract too much attention since it is in contrast with the sombre surrounding of the seasons. But when it comes to butter men's suits they have a subtle look to them that can be worn even in winter and fall. You just have to style the butter suits in the right way according to the season. For example if you are dressing for a summer event then you can pair the cotton butter suit with sky blue dress shirt or another light colored garment. For the warmer months try going with lightweight butter suits like cotton butter suits and butter linen suits so that you don't feel the heat too much. For winter you can pair the butter wool suit with some grounding colors like brown. Other than this you can also try out butter tweed suits or variations of wool butter men's suits like worsted wool butter men's suits and flannel butter men's suits. This way you can create a balance in the outfit that you are wearing and make it give out a natural look.

As for the colors that pair well with butter men's suits here are some of the recommendations that we think might be helpful if you intend to style the butter suits. Blue is the first recommendation that you need to give a try. Yellow and blue are on the opposite quadrants of the color wheel and this means that they contrast well with each other and thus can give out a balanced look. Since butter is a subtle shade you can pair it with softer shades of blue. For example you can pair the single breasted butter suit with a light blue dress shirt and black leather loafers. This is a great style when you attend a casual summer event like cocktail parties and such. When you go with bright blue combining garments you can wear it in warmer months while the muted combinations work well even in winter and fall.

The next color recommendation for you is to pair the butter men's suits with gray combining garments. The subtle shade of butter men's suits paired with the neutral shade like gray can give you a nice blended in look. You can use this combination the other way round too by pairing the gray suit with yellow combining garments like yellow shirts and yellow ties. This way you can brighten up the gray outfit.

Blue and gray are the prominent colors in any man's wardrobe and you can use this to your advantage. You can use the butter men's suits as separates by pairing it with blue and gray garments. For example a peak lapel butter suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt, navy horizontal striped tie and blue dress pants is a sophisticated look. You can complete the look by adding a pair of brown leather loafers. For a little more subdued look you can pair the notch lapel butter suit jacket with a light blue contrast collar dress shirt, multi colored tie and gray chinos. Contrast the look with a pair of tan canvas oxford shoes. Black is also another color that looks great when paired with yellow. The striking contrast between the two colors will help the butter suit to be the main piece without the combining garments attracting too much attention. For a easy style you can pair the single button butter suit jacket with a black dress shirt and black dress pants.

As mentioned before butter men's suits look great for summer and spring events. For a casual look you can pair the butter shawl lapel suit with a white dress shirt. You can add a tie when you need a formal look but when you need a laid back look you can lose the tie option and leave the top two buttons open.

The fit of the butter men's suits matter a lot since the light colored garments tend to attract much attention. butter Classic fit suits and modern fit butter men's suits are the ones that are most preferred. Modern fit butter men's suits can be worn to both formal and casual events. Skinny fit butter men's suits are best for men who like to have a fit of the suit like their second skin. For a casual look you can pair the butter slim fit suit jacket with white dress shirt and light blue ripped jeans. For highlighting the look you can add a orange canvas belt and pair it with orange suede boat shoes.