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Mens Blue Plaid Suits

Blue suits are the style staple of the office going men but it does not mean that you should stick to the usual solid navy suits and midnight blue suits. Having variety of suits in your wardrobe can help you boost your confidence and also at the same time notch up your styling experience. Thus it is always advised to venture a little and in this article we introduce you to one of the versatile pieces you can wear instead of your usual navy suits which is the blue plaid suit.

First of all why blue is considered to be the favorite of men is that the color is flexible and versatile. You do not have to think much while styling the blue suit since they pair well with almost all colors and are also considered appropriate for most events. Blue plaid suit can be a great choice when you need a break from your usual solid suits. If you are thinking of styling the blue plaid suit then there are some things that you should note like the shade of the suit, type of plaid pattern, type of the suit lapel and many more. While all these might seem like small details they still impact the look that you are going with.

If you are looking for a formal suit that you can wear to your office day then we would recommend you to go with blue plaid navy suit. The dark color of the navy blue will conform well with the professional setting. As for the fabric you can go with wool blue plaid suit or for a lightweight formal garment go with cotton blue plaid suit. Remember that the wool suits will have a better drape than the cotton plaid suits thanks to the extra weight.

As for styling the navy blue plaid suit you can go with a peak lapel blue plaid suit and pair it with a white dress shirt and green polka dot tie. For a refined look you can add a white pocket square and black leather oxford shoes. As for the pattern on the suit we recommend you to go with lighter ones that aren't too bright on the dark navy background of the blue plaid suit. You can style the same suit for special occasions like important dinners and such. If you are new to the plaid suit style then you might think that the plaid pattern in itself is bold and thus you can balance the outfit by pairing it with subtle combining garments. When you go with single breasted blue plaid suit it is more versatile than the blue plaid double breasted suits. You can also style the single breasted blue plaid suit jacket as separates with other garments. For example a single breasted notch lapel blue plaid suit jacket paired with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy knitted tie and light gray dress pants are a good style for a date night. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather derby shoes.

If you are thinking of using the blue plaid suit that you are purchasing for semi formal or casual use then you can try your hand with the lighter and brighter shades of blue plaid suits. Royal Blue plaid suit is a good choice when you are the groom and would like to go with a different style than the black tuxedos. The bright shade of the Royal blue plaid suit will work great especially in the warmer months of summer and spring. When you go with these brighter shades of blue plaid suits you can choose from the option of going subtle with lighter plaid patterns or make them stand out more with bright patterns. Our recommendations is to go subtle with lighter checks. A single breasted blue plaid shawl lapel suit paired with white dress shirt, navy print tie and navy leather loafers is the tonal look that would work for any wedding. You can add a boutonniere to contrast the whole blue look and you can pair the boutonniere with your brides dress color.

For a simple casual look you can go with light blue plaid suit and pair it with a black turtleneck and an olive overcoat. You can compete the look with a pair of black leather derby shoes. While the light blue plaid suit can be worn to semi formal events it is best to avoid wearing them for formal use like for your office. If you are the guest to a summer wedding then you can pair the blue plaid 2 button suit with a light green striped dress shirt and navy vertical striped tie. Contrast the light look with a pair of brown leather oxford shoes. While going with combining garments that are patterned make sure that the patterns are light and do not clash with the plaid suit. Stripes work well with the plaid pattern and you can use this to an advantage.

Black pairs well with blue and for a casual yet stylish look pair the skinny fit blue plaid suit with a navy plaid dress shirt, black crew neck sweater and a navy overcoat. This is a solid winter outfit that you can complete with pair of black leather tassel loafers. For a formal authoritative look you can pair the blue plaid 3 piece suit with a white dress shirt and a brown tie. Match the tie with pair of brown leather loafers. A 2 piece slim fit blue plaid suit paired with a white dress shirt and blue tie is a clean look. A blue plaid classic fit suit paired with a yellow crew neck t-shirt is a cool look.

As mentioned before there are lot of types in plaid and you can choose the one that best suits your style. Blue plaid Windowpane suit and glen blue plaid suit are some of the styles that are often recommended. Gingham blue plaid suit is also a good style when you want a formal look.