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Linen Blazer For Men Is In Vogue


Buying blazer is never a hard task if the buyer knows what he is looking for. Blazers have chameleon like characteristics that makes them so popular. They can be worn all through the year and with absolute comfort. However, the linen blazer for men is a big boon. These are stylish, elegant as well as comfortable. Depending on the purpose and need these blazers can easily be selected. These are versatile even to wear them down and up depending on the season. Linen is the talk of this season due to the coolness it provides to the wearer. In spite of it being easily wrinkled, but with the use of modern blends and weaves these are a must have for the summer blazer . In fact linen’s deconstructed look and light weight gives a casual feel and even goes with a variety of accessories and clothing.

The options galore


The premium linen blazer is a hot favorite for the professionals. An advantage of these blazers is that being half lined these provide warmth in the chilly winter as well as also some weight. These are available in various striking shades to pick from. The next in line is the slim fit knitted blazer. These are famous for the in the face pattern. These blazers are knitted from a linen blend to create a more distinct texture for fabric. These blazers come in slim fit cut that is perfect for men with athletic body type. The classic designed linen blazer for men is also a must buy. These come with slightly brushed linen fabric to create texture. These can be paired with scarves on chilly days to create a stylish look. The unstructured linen blazer is suitable for creating a more casual look. These blazers are a blend of linen and cotton both. The slight crumbled textured look is suitable for the well structured body type. In order to get the best casual look, this type is a must have.


The Lexington linen blazer for men is the type that is a blend of cotton and linen. It is absolutely suitable for warm climates. We here bring out a huge collection of mens linen outfits . There are great varieties available here which makes selection a lot easier. These are also available shades as neutral colors work best in these blazers. These blazers also come in various designs, patterns as well as styles too. Apart from a linen blazers there are also blend of other fabrics too in these blazers.

How to team it?


Linen blazer for men is such a type of clothing that goes well in almost men’s wear. To create a look which is similar to the traditional khakis but is of a lighter weight, chinos are the best options. These are therefore the ideal trousers that can be teamed up with linen blazers. These can be paired with sneakers and t shirt to create a cool and clean look. As linen is considered to be a dress down fabric, it can easily be teamed with denims. Denims go for almost all blazers and therefore can create both a formal as well as a casual look too. Navy linen blazer with straight or slim fit denims looks the best. These are even best options to wear in places where the climate is warm during the daytime and cool at night. These linen blazers are therefore the best option for such climate. Teaming these linen blazers with v neck t shirts and can vas sneakers give a sporty as well as casual look. We, here, understand the need of the customers and therefore incorporate the latest line of clothing to meet their needs. These work best with a shirt and a simple tie.


These linen blazers for men are therefore a show stealer and a sure head tuner in whichever way it is worn. These are such that goes with almost any kind of shirt, pant and shoes. It has an advantage of giving both a formal and as well as a casual looks. These can go with shirts, t shirts, polo necks or even formal shirts too. For those who like to experiment with their look can even pair them up with shorts. These are great for beach parties or Sunday brunch. As linen is a breathable fabric, it is suitable for those who wish to stay cool in spring and summers. Due to their light weight nature, these linen blazers hangs loose from the body thereby giving a appearance as well as a casual one too. For a classic look these linen blazers are the best and nothing can beat it. Therefore, our online portal consists of a huge collection of clothing line that includes stylish and elegant blazers of all types as well as shoes too to give a complete look.

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