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Men’s Western Straw Hats To Look Funky

If you are looking for Men’s Western Straw Hats you have come to the right place. At MensUSA you will get all the different varieties of straw hats available today. Western hats mostly refer to the cowboy type of hats that are not only stylish but are absolutely unique and trendy.

Wearing hats for various occasions has come down from the ages. With the changes in the styles and designs of attires, you will notice changes in the designs and structure of the hats too. But it is amazing to notice that the western straw hats for men have retained their basic style and structure as they were back in the 19th uniqueness and the popularity of the Men’s Western Straw Hats till today. The traditional style has been respected down the ages with slight changes in certain points. The branded companies offer wonderful men’s straw hats that are available at MensUSA.

If you log on to www.mensusa.com you are sure to find some of the best designer Men’s Western Straw Hats that are the choices of most fashionable men. These straw hats are perfect for wear for summer work and also for fun and outing. You will get a variety of straw hats of different designs to suit your tastes and also your budget.

Among the well known hats are:

Traditional Hand-crafted Straw Hats- These hats have 4”shapeable brim and Shantung Straw is used to make the hats with bead and Concho headband. Another variety uses 4” pinch front crown, 3.5” shapeable close rolled brim, Shantung Straw and fire brand insignia.

Cover Hats- These special types of Men’s Western Straw Hats are traditionally designed. They have hidden wire that is sewn into the 31/2” brim. This allows the wearer to roll the sides and fold the front and the sides of the hats just the way you want to look.

You will find another unique designer straw hat that uses tea-stained straw with 5 plaited hat bands to give it a finished look. There is a vent in the crown of this type of hat so that enough air passes through it. These hats are the best choice when you need to stay out of doors for long at work during the hot summer days. There is yet another variety of Men’s Western Straw Hats that is made of Raffia Palm Straw. Here the straw is coffee stained and so the appearance of the hats takes a different turn. They are darker and have speckles on them. The strap of the chin is wrapped around the hat with a button at the center Conch.

MensUSA is the ideal store for all these kinds of accessories for men. If you wish to look funky and smart like the Western style icons, pick up some of the Men’s Western Straw Hats that can easily be worn with your jeans and denims and get a unique look by folding the front of the hats just the way you like. You can order online also at www.mensusa.com from the comfort of your home.

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