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Include Pink With A Men's Pink Blazer In Your Wardrobe!

Mens Pink Blazer
For many men, wearing pink questions their masculinity. This should not be the case though, and is typically considered to be an outdated train of thought these days. While men may not want to run out and purchase a wardrobe consisting of entirely pink clothing (nor should they), the right kind of pink attire or wonderful mens pink blazer can really make an outfit stand out. MensUSA has a great variety for men who love to wear this romantic shade.

Planning Your Pink Wardrobe
If you have decided to take the plunge, and add a few pieces of pink to your wardrobe, there are a few things you should know before you begin. It may be difficult to incorporate this new color into your existing clothing style, especially if you have reservations about wearing pink. You don't have to rush into purchasing a pink blazer or vest however. This may be too big of a change for you to accept. Instead, try adding a bit of color to your plain wardrobe with something small, such as:
- Your tie
- Cufflinks
- Pocket handkerchief
- Socks

While these changes may not be huge, you may be surprised at how many individuals will notice and compliment you on this additional color selection. As you become used to adding pink to your wardrobe, you will become more comfortable adding larger pieces. Remember, if you enjoy the color and you feel that it looks good on you, that's really all that matters. Of course, your corporate business meeting may not be the ideal place to try the 'bold new you,' but with a little practice, you'll figure out just the perfect situations.

Matching Pink to Your Wardrobe
Matching your new pink attire or men's pink blazer to the rest of your wardrobe doesn't have to be difficult. All you need to do is learn a few basic guidelines for matching pink to other items of clothing. Here they are:
- Pink and black always go together.
- Light colored chinos are a great way to make pinks stand out. Chinos are also great with any shade you decide you would like to wear.
- Dark blue colors look wonderful with several shades of pink.

Once you have opened the door to wearing pink attire, you may want to consider broadening your horizons. Pink plaid shirts and formal dress shirts with pink stripes can be a subtle way to include color in your wardrobe. You may also want to begin adding other colors that are sometimes deemed 'feminine' to your style, although they should not all be worn at the same time. These colors may be:
- Purple
- Yellow
- Light blue
- Orange

Colors like these may not look great when used in abundance, but small hints here and there on your ties, pocket handkerchief, or even on your shirt can make your outfit seem bright, fresh, and clean.

If you want to make an exciting and bold fashion statement, consider adding a splash of color to your suits or mens pink blazer and other types of clothing. Match your pink items with a great pair of light colored chinos or a pair of black trousers to really pull off a wonderful look.

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