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Mens Velvet blazer- Makes You The Style Icon At Every Event

For those who are looking for versatile and classy outfits that are suitable for all occasions, mens blazer is the one. This smart pick is comfortable to wear at all seasons and is ideal as a formal and casual wear. From parties to office meetings, these blazers have formed their own niche. We bring out an entirely new collection of blazers for men at the most affordable price.

Put it on for a formal dinner

You will get a huge variety of dress hats for women like the simple and elegant designs to the most elaborate designer hats that are enhanced with feathers, laces and nets that help her to make a style statement of her own. To look outstanding women always buy matching dress hats too along with other items like scarves etc whenever they purchase any attire. There is a large collection of different colors of dress hats nowadays as it has quite common for women to wear them on various occasions. The variety in styles, designs and sizes gives you the opportunity to select the appropriate dress hats for your self suitable for the specific occasions.

The weekend look

Wear mens blazer for a Sunday brunch with friends or for a golf session. Tan, gray or brown shades are suitable for formal events, while black, navy and blue blazers are ideal for party and date. Pair a dark blue blazer with a dark corduroy or trouser for an extremely stylish look. Wear the same with a light colored trouser to create a color contrast.

Tips for a perfect look

• Velvet has always been an after 6 pm fabric. Wearing it in the evening is ideal. However men prefer to wear them at any time due to their comfortable nature.

• Introduce little accessories into the outfit. Since velvet is itself a heavy fabric, so too much of accessories can just spoil the look.

velvet purple suit and velvet pant together is a big NO. This looks really bad. Other fabrics go well with velvet. Linen or cotton trousers are ideal.

• Velvet shoes too are never a good idea. Remember velvet shoes are suitable for any outfit other than velvet.

• Wear white, black formal shoes or boots with a burgundy velvet blazer.

• A single breasted velvet blazer with two buttons is what works for most men.

• Try new looks with it and see what works for you.

Taking care

Velvet is a very soft fabric so while cleaning a blazer mild detergent should only be used. It is better to read any special instruction attached to it before going on cleaning spree.
Nothing can be better than a super cool velvet blazer teamed with a crisp white or light blue shirt. With modern men ready to break all the fashion norms, these mens velvet blazers are the most popular. Our website brings out some of the eye catching ones to make your selection task easier.

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