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How To Wear Hot Pink Blazer

Hot Pink Blazer
There are various outfits for men that make them look stylish and fashionable. Among the outfits Blazer which is generally referred to men's suit type jacket is frequently used. Blazers are true gentlemen piece of clothing that is worn by everybody and has become a part of everyday clothing. Both Blazers and are men's casual jackets worn without being a part of normal suits. That means Hot Pink Blazers is cut similar to the jacket component of suit. These jackets are made of strong but smooth fabrics that are comfortable to wear.

Blazers come in both single and double breasted with patch packets. In single breasted there are also metallic buttons for closure. They have peaked lapels and other little flourishes which are basic characteristics of a blazer.

Pink blazer- a new colour
Blazers available in the market come in various shades. The common ones are classic navy colour, gray colour, green colour, brown colour, tan khaki with gold or silver buttons. In these days more colours are available with pink colour blazer one of them. Pink is girly colour. But it is totally inside the mind we have trained to think. So gone are the days when men fear to wear pink. Pink is bright colour and also hot on men .It shows the strength of character of those men who do not care what other men think. There are different of shades of pink that look very masculine. Pink colour is also a dynamite and versatile colors that easily matches with other outfit in the wardrobe. Men's Pink Blazer are now shown in fashion shows to state that they symbolises style and fashion.

Wearing a pink blazer
The hot pink blazers are ideal for summer or spring months. Pink being a soothing colour is more suitable for warm climates. Pink coloured blazer can be paired with dark or white coloured trousers. They are also matched with different shades of blue pair of jeans. The shirt can be white with the collar undone and paired with medium to sky blue tie or red tie looks good. Though tie is optional but grey tie also well with hot pink blazers. During autumn in cold places blazers are worn with pain wool sweater and a button shirt. So with pink blazer any light colour sweater goes well. The button up shirt gives the structure the blazer needs while the sweater keeps the outfit worn and builds layering. The colour of tie and shirt depends on the complexion of the man. Shoes should be black or brown with brown belts. Sneakers too can be worn with casual pink blazers .Handkerchiefs can be blue, white, red colours to match the blazer. The slim fit cut looks great in men of pink blazers but skin tight on the other hand does not look good. The bottoms cuffs should be visible that gives an elegance to blazers.

So Hot Pink Blazers are worn if the man is having full confidence with the colour and be comfortable. This is where a style statement is established. So one has been very clear of goes well with the pink blazer and which doesn't and be acquainted with that. Coloured blazers are always carry fashion statements provide the wearer is comfortable in that and matches the right kind of shirt and other apparels. So if the upper half is sober the lower should also be sober and not too bold .Again if the upper half is bold the lower should be bold. This gives a uniform style on wearing a pink blazer.

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