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History of Boots

From time to time and culture to culture, footwear designs have varied enormously, with appearance formerly with functionality and with style during the late years. As with boots, there's a lot of history and it has its roots over 3500 years. In general, it is believed that, boots are a fashion copied from the armed forces, where it usually forms a part of equipment in the cavalry. For millennia, they have been used by riders and knights. Exotic skin boots are believed to be made from dog hair and wolverine fur during the olden days. With much of tradition and history, they are no more a foot protecting item.

1. Premature boots

Providing greater ankle protection compared to sandals and shoes, premature boots consisted of separate leggings, soles, and uppers worn as one. Just about 1000 BC, all of these components were joined more permanently in order to structure a single unit i.e. a boot that covered the feet and lower leg, covering up to the knee. The travel of boots to other regions: worn by nomads in eastern Asia, this ankle leather boot was carried to China to India and Russia more or less AD 1200 to 1500 by Mongol invaders.

2. Cuadra boots 19

In the boots world, cuadra is known for their comfort and durability. With regards to Mexican cowboy boots, it is quite difficult to find a better brand than cuadra. As with this brand, you can expect to have a range of impeccable hard to find Mexican Boots in an excess of styles that can be paired up with any cowboy jeans.

3. Cuadra Tradition:

Given its striking nature, exquisiteness and originality, every single products of cuadra speaks for itself with an exacting history. Not to forget, the labor of expert artisan hands that fashioned it. With great attention to detail, your style is sure to be reflected in every detail the boot has.
Over the years, it has build a strong character and authentic tradition which has helped position itself in such a place it wouldn't have imagined of. Simply said, it is characterized by handcrafted quality and avant-garde design

History of Boots

What makes cuadra exceptional?

Its unique concept and aspirational cut has made the brand withstand for years. The soul of the produce lies in the merging styles that are unique and techniques which include hand cutting engraving, carving and embroidery.
It is the marks on the leather that makes each piece different. The factor of innovation is on the hands and style of a Mexican artisan. With over so much growth, it remains accurate to its history and tradition of craftsmanship that embraces innovation.

Exotic skin boots - Feel of leather is the Key!

Footwear's like shoes, sandals and boots made from hides are a symbol of status and they stay ahead of time, in terms of reputation. Irresistible to touch, in a social setting they bring in great esteem to you. Unique in grain and beauty, there are different types of hides available with recognizable pattern and texture.
It is a general saying that, most self-respecting men have possession of at least one pair of exotic skin boots in their wardrobe. People who take pride in how they deck up themselves has more than two boots. Nothing is as captivating as a pair of detail crafted boots and as you step into a room wearing it, it will earn you a top grade.

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