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 Tuxedos   :: Black Tuxedo
Black Tuxedo

Tuxedo can refer to:

Black tie - Formal dress for men

Black tie is a dress code for formal evening events. Its primary component is the dinner jacket (or "D.J.") as it is known in the United Kingdom, the north-eastern United States, and Canada. The jacket and matching trousers are typically called a tuxedo in the United States and Canada.

The American name tuxedo is taken from Tuxedo Park, New York, a private club of country houses founded by Pierre Lorillard, the tobacco heir. (The town of Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park themselves were named by the Lenni-Lenape Indians, who called the largest lake in the area tucseto, meaning either place of the bear or clear flowing water.)

Black tuxedo is today worn at a large gathering, and the corresponding female attire can range from a short cocktail dress to a long gown, depending on trend, local custom and the hour at which the function takes place.

Black Tux leaves a lot to the wearer's tact compared to the far more codified white tie (e.g. single- versus double-breasted coat). Nonetheless, so far as a convention exists, it is that black tie properly consists of:

  • Black short coat with silk (ribbed or satin) lapels (peaked or shawl-collared), usually without vents.
  • As an alternate to the above, a white dinner jacket, suitable for warm climates, or from mid-April Black trousers with a row of braid or ribbon down each leg
  • White shirt
  • Black silk bow tie
  • Black low-cut waistcoat (called a vest in Canada and the US), or a cummerbund
  • Black socks
  • Black shoes

Black Tuxedo - Dressing for special occasion

You need dress correctly, in a smart, comfortable black tuxedo, cut almost like your newest business suit. The traditional black, worn with white shirt and vest in black or dark shades and a black tie or tie matching the cummerbund, and patent shoes. Worn to any festive event after six in the evening, to which the women will be wearing formal clothes. Men tuxedo are for sale with discount and also cheap in cost. Black tux are mostly worn for night occasions in wedding for groom. Wool tuxedo in black for sale and buy in discount.  

Tuxedo Pants

All formal tuxedo pants have satin stripes down the outside seam. Striped pants that are worn with a Cutaway or Stroller coat do not. Tuxedo pants are suitable for tuxedos, wool tuxedo, italian tuxedo, prom tuxedo, groom tux, wedding tux, black tuxedo. Mens USA company offers tuxedos for sale, buy of tuxedo, discount tux, cheap tuxedos, fashion tux, double breasted tuxedos, black men tuxedo from Los Angeles, USA.


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