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Zoot Suit Costumes

Zoot suit costumes are a great choice for Halloween that is useful after the holiday has passed. Zoot suits became infamous during World War II, when production of the outfits was suspended due to the excessive cloth used to make them. Men in the Mexican and African American communities refused to stop wearing the suits.

The illegal crafting of zoot suits by tailors led to the "zoot suit riots" in Los Angeles that started when servicemen attacked a group of men wearing the suits for not being patriotic. From that time, the media and some members of law enforcement equated wearing the style with membership in a gang. In fact, some members of organized crime embraced this stereotype and began wearing zoot suit costumes.

For Halloween and other costume parties, the zoot suit is the perfect costume. In addition to being a great costume that is sure to be the hit of the party, zoot suits are useful after you've won first prize in the costume contest. These suits are a great choice for a night out on the town, party, prom or wedding reception. Rather than spending money on a costume you can never use again, invest in your wardrobe with a zoot suit costume.

Browse our color selection for the perfect zoot suit to wear as costumes. We carry a broad range of styles and colors. When you shop with Men's USA, you never sacrifice quality for a great discount price. Our prices are lower than you will find elsewhere, but are crafted in the same materials and construction methods as some of today's top designers. We are so sure you will love the quality of our suits that we guarantee your satisfaction.


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