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Getting Rid Of The Conservative Look With Men's Paisley Shirt

Men's Paisley Shirt
Wearing a solid suit, dress shirt, and tie is considered conservative by today's style standards. When you add a few patterns it creates interest, conveys fashion power, and shows you are in touch with the latest trends. Staying aware of classic business fashion is important for those who want to be perceived as innovative businessmen who remain on the leading edge of the business world during these dramatically changing times. Before stepping into the limelight with a more classic-modern look, it's important to first know how to mix and match the patterns of the dress shirt and tie.

Mastering the composition of those patterns conveys that you put deliberate thought into how you are perceived in order to get an intentional outcome - a quality sought in any leading executive. You can check the collection at MensUSA where you get nice pattern shirts like mens paisley shirts which has been in trend lately. Read on to know more about this!

Paisley print is an easily recognized pattern that resembles a crooked tear drop or half of a yin-yang. A very popular print on all sorts of clothing and fashion accessories during the 1960s, paisley print is commonly found today on men's ties and handkerchiefs. It has also recently resurfaced on women's skirts and handbags. Though the design became popular when it appeared in the shops of London's Carnaby Street during the mod fashion frenzy, its origin can be traced back to India.

Though the recognizable men's paisley shirt print pattern was originally crafted by Indian artisans, it was brought to Scotland in the early 19th century, where it received its name. The print was named after the Scottish town of Paisley, where printed cotton and wool fabrics were heavily manufactured. Paisley print saw its first acclaimed popularity in the 1960s. Clothes with this design were extremely fashionable, and in 1967, John Lennon had his Rolls Royce painted with the design. The trendy shops of Carnaby Street boasted skirts, tops, and men's shirts in paisley print.

Today, this design is very common on silk neckties for men, and some fashion designers regularly incorporate it into their leather handbags. Handkerchiefs have long featured a paisley pattern, most frequently seen in red or blue. In Los Angeles, bandannas with this print can signify gang affiliation, and in the Midwest, they are still worn by farmers and ranchers alike to wipe away the sweat of a hard day's work. Men's Paisley shirt is a unique trend that is worth a try!

More recently, paisley print experienced a revival of sorts in a more modern version of the mens paisley shirts. Paisley print had been in existence for hundreds of years before it surfaced as a recognizable fashion print, and it is likely that it will continue to be seen in textiles and even decorative home designs for many years to come. You can shop for your own piece of men's paisley shirt at MensUSA and flaunt this attractive trend.

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