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Mandarin Collar Shirt- Wear With Tuxedo And Tie
Mensusa Mandarin Collar Shirt- Wear With Tuxedo And Tie A mandarin collar shirt is the perfect addition to your outfit, whether you are wearing a blue tuxedo or other formal wear.

mandarin collar shirtThere are many different styles to choose from when it comes to formal wear. Sometimes you might want to stand out a little from the rest or reinvent your own personal formal look, depending on how many more formal events you attend throughout any given year.

If you are on the hunt for a different kind of dress shirt to wear to your next formal or semi-formal event, try out the mandarin collar shirt. It pairs well with any kind of trousers and can be paired with formal wear, such as with a tuxedo and tie, as well.

Want to give the mandarin collar shirt a try this season? Here is what you need to know in order to put together a classy, formal outfit that will light up your style while keeping it professional.

You may have heard of wing-tip collars, which are stiff "stand up" collars commonly worn with tuxedo jackets. Mandarin collar tuxedo shirts are the same concept with one primary advantage over other styles of tuxedo shirts.

Mandarin collar shirts are just like regular dress shirts, except the collar doesn't come with a flap you can "flip" or fold over. The mandarin collar is designed for the turned-up collar look already, which changes the way you put together the rest of your formal outfit.

This type of dress shirt is the bridge between formal and informal apparel. You can wear it without a suit and tie, but for the purposes of this article, we will stick to helping you pair your mandarin collar shirt with the other pieces of your formal tux for you next formal occasion, such as a blue tuxedo or blue tuxedo jacket.

With so many different styles of dress shirts and as you are trying to figure out which kind to wear with your tuxedo jacket and other accessories, the question often arises of when it is and is not acceptable to wear a mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, especially without a tuxedo jacket.

This style of semi-formal dress shirt is not meant for the everyday outfit you might wear to the office. It is formal enough that it should be saved for more special occasions.

Pairing your mandarin collar tuxedo shirt with the rest of your formal attire is a simple and elegant move once you know the difference between mandarin collar shirts and other styles of tuxedo shirts.

Wearing a mandarin collar shirt puts you in a safe place between formal and informal wear, so that no matter what, your dress shirt will always be on point.

Add a mandarin collar tuxedo shirt to your wardrobe to add just the right amount of modern, chic style to your formal outfits the next time you are invited to a formal dinner, wedding or fundraising event.

Blue tuxedo- Perfect to go with a mandarin collar shirt

Mandarin collar shirts are great for both formal and less formal events. You will want to wear something over your mandarin collar shirt, such as a jacket, to keep it interesting. If you add a much more exciting piece to your attire, your mandarin collar shirt will still look good and will become a part of your noteworthy outfit.

A blue tuxedo is the perfect way to make your mandarin collar shirt stand out and really make the style of what you are wearing stand out from the crowd.

Wearing a plain white mandarin collar shirt with a blue tuxedo is perfect because it is easy to match with a similarly colored tie. Because the blue tuxedo is your statement, you can let the mandarin collar shirt breathe without having to go too crazy with other colors and patterns.

Blue tuxedo jacket- Find your perfect fit

So how do you pair a mandarin collar shirt with the tuxedo jacket you are going to need to rent for next month? Choose a blue tuxedo jacket, which, like the mandarin collar shirt, does not have flaps that fold over.

Your blue tuxedo jacket will compliment the turned-up collar of your mandarin collar tuxedo shirt. Usually, mandarin collar tuxedo shirts can come in many different colors, both appropriate for formal, semi-formal and casual dress. A blue tuxedo jacket is a vibrant choice and will definitely help you to stand out even wearing your formal attire.

It never hurts to try something new. Your next formal event invite is the perfect excuse to try out the mandarin collar shirt and tuxedo combination for yourself.

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