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Stingray wallet

Stingray is a cartilaginous fish and the skin of this fish is known for toughness and durability and many shoes and boots were made out of this. As there are many exotic wallets made out of alligators and crocodiles hide, stingray wallets have hit the fashion platform and proved to be really demanding. They are made out of hides which provide great resistance to fire, water and punctures. It is very famous in Asian countries because people have a superstitious belief that stingray wallets bring good luck and many purchase them in large quantities. They are available in different trendy designs of various sizes and shapes and out of them the sleek glossy men's wallets are on the good move now.

Stingray wallet

In Europe, stingray wallets are known as "shagreen wallet" which is widely popular in pebbly texture which gives a strong masculine touch designed with tiny polished stones in jigsaw pattern. Many smart and suave professionals prefer this wallet for business purpose. The chocolate brown color wallet with contrasting dusty grey interior is fantastic in its appearance. When you take out your stingray wallet for paying bills, people will come to a conclusion that you are born with silver spoon in mouth.

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