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Know about Wingtip Shoes

Wing Tip ShoesMany are not aware what exactly is meant by men's wingtip shoes. Men's Wingtip shoes are just dress shoes with a fascinatingly ornate toe box. The toe cap comes to a point in the center, and spreads out toward the sides of the shoes, somewhat resembling the wings - and hence the name.

This part of the shoe is perforated with small holes around the edges - though it is not a standard feature. These are decidedly very decorative shoes and there is a fairly large market for these wingtip shoes.

When deciding to buy wingtip shoes, you will have to consider the style, color, durability, comfort and of course the price. Generally, the style of wingtip shoes is of prime importance and quite often buyers of wingtip shoes will sacrifice comfort if the style is unique and exotic.

But remember you cannot compromise on the heels of wingtip shoes as wearing an uncomfortable wingtip heel can cause feet pain and problems like blisters and sores. While it is necessary to find a unique style that appeals to you, do not overly sacrifice the comfort aspect.

As regards quality of wingtip shoes, you should examine the hide of the shoe. Make sure the surface is smooth and the grain of the leather is perfect. It is equally important to examine the thickness of the soles. Avoid wingtip shoes with thin soles. It is preferable to buy wingtip shoes with rubber soles as that will enhance the shoe's life.

When it comes to color of the wingtip shoes, it is recommended that you stick to black wing tip shoes. Black is versatile and can blend well with what other color of attire you are wearing. With black color wingtip shoes there are many different outfits and accessories you can wear the shoes with. In any case, most wingtip shoes come only in dark shades and therefore you will not regret buying black color wingtip shoes.

When looking into the price tag, compare the quality of the shoe you plan buying with the price. If the pricing is outrageous, you can definitely reject it as wingtip shoes are affordably priced and you can buy them a lot cheaper.

The wingtip shoes are indeed classy and will look extremely good with any formal outfit. To save time, and physical strain, you may go online and check out the different black color wingtip shoes available with different outlets, compare the prices and the quality and then make an informed decision.

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