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Tough and stylish Caiman Alligator belt

Caiman alligator belts

Belts are the only accessory that can never be left in option. Apart from comfort it is also considered as the style component in pairing with apparels. Earlier, normal strap was been used to held pants intact. Now, quality plays the major role in deciding the nature of the product. If you are looking for belt ranges that combine the blend of comfort and style then the only collection which you can choose is the Caiman alligator belt


The belt features variety of style elements stuffed in it. Caiman alligator belts are classified into 3 categories- Classic, deluxe and luxury. The classic type of belt ranges are exclusively made for formal ambience with regular pattern of features in it such as leather strap, leather loop, roomy holes, stiff quality buckle (frame, prong) and an end tip. Strap features plain or mild designer print. Most of these classic collections include silver hardware to enhance the look that goes match with all formal apparels.

Deluxe is the next range of special collection that includes trendy and appealing chic features stuffed on it. Multilayer leather finish adds durability to this belt type. Polished exterior finish with solid to casual prints over the strap are available. Oval end, rectangular end, curved end are the style features of end tip that can be left free even after passed through belt loops.

Luxury collection adds royal touch in this caiman belts attractive golden hardware, adjustable strap without holes, smooth texture, polished exterior look, variety of prints over the strap, replaceable buckle structure are the features of this belt. Hand crafted design marks the specialty of luxury range that add more flavor in enriching the style quotient.

Caiman Leather quality:

Caiman alligator as the name implies it provides extreme durability. Each belt manufactured are been separately exposed to leather quality test. No wear and tear or dying problems with these range of high end caiman belts. If used properly you can find your belt new and functional even after decades. Being extracted from alligator skin the collection remains stiff and robust for long years.

Embossed pattern:

From solid to latest prints one can find wide variety of embossed pattern in caiman belts with extensive color options. Zig zag print running middle of the belt with dotted or lined edges, solid pattern with decorative center frame, pleated model with curved lines are the latest top selling belt style ranges in caiman type.


Different kinds of sizes are available in this range that suits best on all ages. From medium to XXXL, each collection comes in variety of sizes. The size variation includes L (33 - 36) Inches, M (30 - 32) Inches, XXL (41 - 44) Inches, XXXL (45 - 52) Inches. Most men fall to the category of medium size in which the right apt size includes a width of 1.5 inch and length of 41inches.

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