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Fashion Evolution of Mens Suits Infographic

Suitably Attired: The Evolving, Eternal Suit – Fashion Evolution of Mens Suits start from Edwardian suits that gave us morning coats, to the zoot suits of the 1940s and the skinny mens suits inspired by the 1960s, the fashion in mens suits keeps coming and going.

Edwardian Suits

Edwardian suits are distinguished by the morning coat worn with baggy trousers called “spongebags.” Other Edwardian suits are the swallowtail with a stripe down the side of the matching pant leg. Edwardian suits were usually black or blue with a colored waistcoat. With the exception tailcoats and wide leg trousers, these formal mens suit styles seemed to have faded out in the roaring twenties.

The Roaring Twenties

Like womens fashions of the roaring twenties, mens suits became looser and lighter in the 1920s. Two popular mens suits in the roaring twenties were the unstructured “sack” and the Oxford style with a nipped waist.
The 1920s introduced the crease to mens suit pants. Men in the 1920s wore the white mens suits that we associate with the roaring twenties.
1920s fashion are making a huge come back through new trends and roaring twenties theme based events.

1930s Mens Suits

The fullness of the 1920s took off in the 1930s as mens suits became wider and a new style emerged: the double-breasted jacket. In the 1930s, mens suits had tapered pants and softer jackets with a “drape cut.” In 1930s mens suits, double-breasted jackets always had six buttons. By the 1940s the buttons dropped to three. After the casualness of the roaring twenties, mens suits became more formal in the 1930s.

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Zoot suits were another icon of the 1930s. Zoot suits, with their bright colors, oversized jackets and baggy tapered pants, were associated with swing music. When swing music had a recent resurgence in popularity, so did zoot suits.

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1940s Mens Suits

In the 1940s mens suits became simple and sober. Most mens suits in the 1940s were navy or black with straight lines.Accessories for mens suits became very colorful in the 1940s. Men in the 1940s showed off their fashion sense with decorative ties, suspenders and cufflinks.In the late 1940s, zoot suits became a favorite of entertainers and working-class men.

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1950s Mens Suits

Mens suits in the 1950s continued the same somber trend of the 1940s. The waist nip and light colors of the roaring twenties gave way to straighter jackets. The double-breasted jacket, popular in the 1940s, was fading out in the 1950s. In the 1950s there was a brief period when mens suits worn with pink ties and shirts were the height of fashion.

1960s Mens Suits

In the 1960s fashion rebelled against 1950s conformity and so did mens suits. Lapels became slimmer and notched. Pants became “stovepipes.” The Beatles popularized the slim-fit, collarless black suit that is a hallmark of the 1960s. Tailored mens suits became popular again in the 1960s when British celebrities wore them with polo-neck sweaters.Like zoot suits and skinny suits, the roaring twenties are back in fashion. Movies like “The Great Gatsby” and the TV show “Downton Abbey,” both set in the 1920s, make the fashion of the roaring twenties fresh for modern audiences. The roaring twenties will probably never go out of style.

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