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Ton on Ton Suits

Mens-Two-Buttons-Black-Suit The only thing that is harder than purchasing a suit is styling it. While the white dress shirt proves to be a standard style with any colored suit there is still the question of styling the tie properly. Also the white dress shirts are slowly being replaced by other colored shirts. When you pair the other colored garments some tend to go with the ton on ton suits look. Ton on ton suit look is a harder feat to achieve and go achieve a proper look you will have to have some styling basics and a good idea about the prevailing trends. In this article we discuss the ton on ton suits look and how best to style them.

Ton on ton suits look mean that you are going to style the suit with same color combining garments that is shirts and ties. There are different ways to style the ton on ton men's suits look when you know best to style it. You can either go with the same colored combining garments as that of the suit or those which come in shades of the suit color. Both are good looks and you can go with the one that you feel the most comfortable in.

The first look is to go with the suit and combining garments in the same color and gradation. But you will have to make sure that the gradation is exactly the same and when you see the two garments they look exactly the same color and shade. A sage suit paired with a black dress shirt and black silk tie is a great look for any type of formal events where you want to dress up. For a perfect cocktail party attire you can pair the outfit with black leather oxford shoes. For a little more casual look you can swap the black dress shirt with a black turtleneck. You can complete the look by adding a pair of black leather loafers. For a minimal ton on ton men's suits look you can pair the black suit with a black crew neck T-shirt and black sneakers. While going with the all black outfit you should make sure that all the black garments match with each other. Black had a tendency of looking faded out especially if it is not brand new. So make sure that the black of the shirt and tie match the black of the suit properly. Another color that looks great when paired with the same is blue. You can easily pair the Navy suit with a navy shirt and a navy tie.

The next option is to go with garments that are of same color but a different shade than the suit. This is a complex job when compared to the same shaded look but you can easily style it when you get to know the basics. The ton on ton men's suits have an understated elegance that will be sure to turn heads. This is a subtle beige suit look thus gives you a mild look. The advantage with the ton on ton suits look is that you can make maximum use of your wardrobe and also a lot about styling.

For styling the outfit you should consider the type of event that you are attending. For business meetings it is best to go with subtle looks while for semi formal and casual use you can go with a brighter look. If you are attending a formal meeting then you can pair the charcoal gray suit with a gray dress shirt and silver knitted tie. For a Friday night look you can pair the cream suit with a cream roll neck and rust brown corduroy overshirt. When you go with the ton on ton suit look it is best to go with smart casual or casual styles since the white dress shirts are the usual ones in the formal style.

Mens-Navy-Color-Suit Navy is a color that is easy to style and also is one of the colors that are greatly revered by men. Therefore you must have a lot of blue garments in your wardrobe and by going with the ton on ton suit you can make the best use of your existing wardrobe. For a business ton on ton suit look you can pair the Navy blue suit with a light blue dress shirt and patterned Navy tie.

For summer you can go with lightweight peach suit look. A linen Burgundy suit paired with a rose cotton shirt with a few buttons left open is a great look. Other than this you can replace the trousers with a pair of shorts to get the laid back look.

Two-Button-Black-Pinstripe-Suit For a winter look you can layer the Navy blue suit with a steel blue knitwear. Winter and fall have a gloomy look and thus the brighter and lighter shades can make them pop out too much. So it is best to go with subtle shaded colors for these seasons. For example you can pair the classic fit suit with an off white sweater. The earthy shades like brown and olive green also work great in these seasons. A brown suit paired with a camel turtleneck is a great ton on ton look. Other than this you can also go with air force blue suit paired with indigo button down shirt and Navy chinos is also a proper ton on ton look.

Other than the solid garments you can also go with patterned ton on ton suit look. While going with this look it is important that you go with the same patterns on the garments. Pinstripe ton on ton suits is a good look when the patterns match each other. Vested ton on ton men's suits look is a formal look that you can easily style to weddings and such. While going with the ton on ton men's suits look it is important that get the right fit. Slim fit ton on ton suits and skinny fit ton on ton men's suits are the ones most recommended.