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3 Piece Slim Fit Suit

Mens-Two-Buttons-Black-Suit If you want to a suit but would like to stand out from the crowd while wearing it then look no further than the 3 piece suit. By simply adding a vest you can make your outfit look distinct among the crowd of people wearing the suits. The rarity of the 3 piece suit makes it more appealing to the eyes of the viewer. While there are many things that you will have to note with 3 piece suits one of the main things is the fit of the suit. Having a perfect fit with a distinct addition to the usual look will make the 3 piece suit look more convincing. In this article we discuss the 3 piece suit slim fit and some of the best ways to style the garment.

Mens-Two-Buttons-Brown-Suit The reason why we recommend you to go with slim fit suit is that it will give you a sharp look that you can style to almost any event. The slim fit of the garment is the best choice since you have the added layer of the vest which sometimes will make you look bulky especially if it is of a looser fit. But with the 3 piece suit slim fit it will offer a fitting look to the wearer thus making them easily pull off the look. If you are new to the concept of 3 piece suit then it is a suit that has a added piece of vest or waistcoat ( the name changes according to the country). You can wear the 3 piece suit slim fit with a dress shirt and a tie for a formal look.

The vest adds extra character to the suit which is otherwise a basic 2 piece suit. Usually the vest of the 3 piece slim fit comes in the same material and color of the rest of the suit but you can also go with the odd vest which means that the vest is of different color or material. Most of the time men tend to go with the suit look when you need a formal garment. When you need the extra dose of formality we opt for double breasted suit. But the thing with double breasted suit is that they are not flexible and might look out of place in a semi formal or casual event. In this case you can go with piece suit slim fit since it can deliver a impeccable formal look but when you lose the vest you can use it as a usual 2 button suit.

3 piece suits slim fit were a common look until the Second World War and men were frowned upon if they step out of the house without vests. But with the World War came the rationing of the supplies and raw materials for clothing. To save money people started losing the extra layer of vest thus making it lose its importance. But with time the piece suit slim fit have been in and out of style and this season it is definitely in the style.

Mens-Two-Buttons-Black-Suit The main advantage with the burgundy suit is that they give a distinctive style which makes you one of the very few people who are dressed elegantly for the event. The main function of the vest in a 3 piece suit slim fit is that they hide the fabric of the shirt from showing in the portion between the end of the jacket and the start of the trousers. Due to this the 3 piece suit slim fit delivers a single unbroken line of view to the suit from the shoulder to the ankles. This will also create a illusion of taller look for the person wearing it and hence it is mostly recommended for men of shorter stature.

Another major advantage with the piece suit slim fit is that you can use the vest as separates as you do with the other elements of the suit. For a formal look you can go with the formal piece suit slim fit complete with the vest and a white dress shirt and a tie. But when you need a smart casual look that you can wear to a summer wedding then you can style the vest of the piece suit slim fit on its own with a dress shirt and a jacket. If you are wondering if this style will work this is a look approved by the formal style God David Beckham himself.

two Two-Button-Indigo-Blue-Suit While getting the classic fit suit one of the things that you will have to carefully note is the color of the suit since it greatly influences the look of the outfit. For a formal piece suit slim fit style that you can wear to any formal events and also to the casual ones we would personally recommend you to stick with the classic ones like black piece suit slim fit and navy piece suit slim fit. Nowadays the charcoal gray piece suit slim fit is also gaining a lot of fan following especially among the men who suit up for the work on a daily basis. These classic colors would ensure the versatility of the suit and help you style it to almost all events.

For a semi formal or casual suit look that you can wear to summer weddings and parties we would recommend you to go with lighter colors of these suits. For example a cream piece suit slim fit or a tan piece suit slim fit might be a good style since they match the celebratory vibe of the warmer seasons.

As for the type of fabric that the suits are made of go with wool 3 piece suit slim fit or a cotton piece suit slim fit for a formal look while for a casual look go with linen piece suit slim fit. Silk piece suit slim fit and velvet piece suit slim fit are for people who like dressier look.