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Portly Fit Suits

Two-Buttons-Navy-Blue-Suit There are a lot of fits in off the rack suits that are available to our convenience. The selection for the fit of the suit that you buy should be based on your body type. Some fits looks flattering on tall and lean men while some look better on well built men. You will have to know about the options available to make the right pick. In this article we discuss about one of the famous fits which is the portly suits and how best to rock it.

One major complain that the fashion industry often falls prey to is that they favor tall and lean people and the industry is mainly focused on creating various designs for them. But not all population has the ideal body type that they design for. Most are on the slightly bulkier side and this makes it harder to get fitting clothes for these people. The big and tall fits are rare but sometimes they also do not properly accentuate the body type of the bulky men especially if its too loose. Ash suits are the ones that are designed specifically for the short and stout men. These suits help accentuate the body shape of the wearer and make them look taller and slimmer than they originally are.

portly fit suits So if you are not convinced with any of the slim fit or classic fit suits then you should give the portly suits a try. The portly suits especially look great on men who are short and round in the middle. Normally the suits would be cut in such a way that the broad shoulders eventually taper towards the waist. This drop is mostly about 6 inches for regular suits. But when it comes to stout men the difference between the shoulder and waist measurement is not that different. So the drop from the shoulder to the waist of the portly fit suit is about 4 inches or less.

To get the perfect classic fit suit you can get it done from a tailor. Custom made suits always fit perfectly and thus are the first recommendations you will hear on the fit. But the custom made portly suits might take a long time to reach the wearer and also can cost a lot compared to off the rack suits. Thus if you are in a hurry or has a budget to follow then it is best to go with off the rack portly suits.

Recently the industry have been a little understanding of the struggles of not so perfect population get the right fit. Therefore the Indigo fit suits and big and tall suits are now more prevalent when compared to the earlier times. Therefore it is best to make use of it and get the right fit that accentuates your body type. Now if you are on the category who requires a portly suits and if you are thinking of getting one then here are some tips that will help you style it best.

While you are purchasing the Tan pinsripe suits check for the fit of the suit jacket. If you have a rounder belly make sure that the waist suppression is not too much. If it is too much then you will start to feel uncomfortable while wearing the jacket. As for the number of buttons on the jacket, we recommend you to go with 2 button portly suits. More number of buttons on the suit jacket will draw attention to the face but you have the risk of the jackets bottom opening especially if you have a big belly. Thus two button portly are deemed to be the safest.

Two-Buttons-Navy-Blue-Suit As for the type of the suit it is always best to go with single breasted portly fit suit. The double breasted models are slightly thicker and should be worn buttoned up all the times which might be a little uncomfortable for bulky men. But if you still love the design then you can opt to go with the 4x1 model double breasted portly fit suits.

For a formal look you can choose plaid suits. The vested portly fit suits cover the major portion of the belly thus giving a slimming look. The length of the best should be long enough to cover the top of the waistband of your trousers. The vest should fit properly since it greatly influences the look of the jacket. As for the type of the vests it is recommended for you to go with single breasted vest since they have a straight line of buttons covering the middle of the belly region which can instantly draw the eyes of the viewer to your face. Double breasted vests have buttons on the side and thus can show the belly protruding. If you do not like the vest look then you can simply opt to go with 2 piece portly suits.

three piece suits The color of the portly suits matter a lot since it also influences the look. Stout men are always advised to go with dark colors since they give you a slimming effect. You can select the color of the portly fit suit keeping in mind the purpose for which you are getting the suit. Navy portly fit suits and charcoal gray portly fit suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal office use. For events like black tie ones and other formal events black portly suits are recommended. If you want to try out different ones than these usual colors then stick with the darker shades of bright colors. Burgundy portly suits and olive green portly suits are the best when you want to attend a summer event. You can also try out the earthy shades to get a muted look. The light colors tend to draw much attention and you can use it to your advantage. If your legs are slim then you can go with light colored pants and dark colored jacket so that the attention is drawn towards the legs.