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Bright Blue Suits

When we think of purchasing suits the first color that we mostly prefer is blue. This is because of the fact that blue is the most comfortable color for men so much so that blue is stereotypes as menscolor. It is highly possible that you will already have a blue suit or two in your wardrobe. But they probably will be of darker shades since the Navy blue suits and midnight blue suits are more versatile. But there are lighter and brighter shades which are considered to be the unconventional side of the blue color spectrum. In this article we discuss the bright blue suits and some of the best ways to style the garment.

Double Breasted Suit We agree that the navy blue suits and midnight blue suits are the most versatile and even more convenient to style but that does not mean that you will have to stick with these usual shades of blue thus ignoring the rich color spectrum. Bright blue suits bring out a refreshing look as opposed to the subtle look of the navy blue suits. Thus these bright blue suits are most recommended for semi formal and casual events rather than for formal events.

Bright Blue Suit As for the season the bright blue suits are the best to be styled in summer and spring since they are considered to be the seasons of color. The bright look of the bright blue suits mirror the celebratory vibe of the seasons since these are the seasons when most of the events like weddings and parties are held. Also the styling of the bright blue suits must be carefully done since it tends to attract a lot of attention because of its unique look.

If you are thinking of getting a bright blue suit then there are a few things that you should note. While getting the details right the bright blue suits give a nice look that will give a distinct look. Thus take some time and get the details right according to your need and taste. The fabric of the bright blue suits play a major role in the look that it projects. While selecting the type of fabric keep in mind the event you are attending and the season at which it is held. For example if you want a garment that you can wear to a winter event then we would recommend you to go with wool bright blue suits. These suits will help you keep warm and comfortable and for added warmth go with bright blue 3 piece suit look. But keep in mind that the gloomy seasons like winter and fall do not accommodate the brighter colors much and can make them stand out too much. Thus it is best to go with bright blue suits in winter only when you are prepared to attract a lot of attention.

But for summer and spring the natural light complements the bright colors and thus summer events are a good place to wear the bright blue suits. If you are the groom to a summer wedding and would like a eye catching look on your special day then we recommend you to go with formal bright blue suits. As for the fabric go with lightweight ones like bright blue cotton suits or bright blue linen suits. Though linen tends to wrinkle much linen bright blue suits are the ones that are mostly recommended since they give a dressy yet laid back look. bright blue Silk suits and bright blue velvet suits are a good style when you need a rich luxurious look. Polyester bright blue suits and rayon bright blue suits are synthetic ones that might be a good choice when you need a cheaper priced bright blue suit.

After selecting the fabric of the suit there are some small details that when put together make for the perfect look of the suit. For example the type of lapel on the suit and the number of buttons on the suit jacket might seem like an insignificant detail but when chosen perfectly will give a proper look for the suit. For example a peak lapel bright blue suit is a good choice for formal events while for casual events you can go with notch lapel bright blue suits. As for weddings you can go with bright blue shawl lapel suits since they give you a dressy look. Single button bright blue suits and bright blue 2 button suits are the ones that are most recommended since they give a balanced look for the person wearing it. Taller persons can opt to go with suits with more number of buttons like 3 button bright blue suits to 5 button bright blue suits.

As for styling the bright blue suits you can go with the styles that you prefer the most. For a formal event you can pair the single breasted bright blue suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. For a little more formal look you can go with bright blue double breasted suit. Black pairs well with bright blue and gives a balanced look. You can try to match the details while styling the suit. For example a bright blue suit with black buttons paired with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie is a formal look. For a classy look you can pair the suit with a black satin dress shirt or a silk shirt.

Since bright blue suit is a lighter shade when compared with the navy blue suits or midnight blue suits they tend to attract a lot of attention. Thus the fit of the suit needs to be perfect. We always recommend men to go with slimmer fits that accentuate the body type of the wearer. For example a skinny fit bright blue suit is a good look for tall and lean person while a stout person is often recommended to go with classic fit bright blue suits. bright blue Slim fit suits is a good choice for men of all body types when styled right.