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James Bond Grey Suits

There are very few film series that have gained the admiration of the world in unison like the James Bond series. Every time a new James Bond film comes out you can see the palpable excitement that comes in the people especially the men. It is one of the long running series that have managed to gather fans from all age groups. The notorious spy James Bond is written with such elegance that even men are fascinated by the character. Another important thing that you can note with the character is his impeccable wardrobe choices. Almost every James Bond outfit is perfection in itself. In this article we discuss the James Bond grey men's suits and how the man has managed to take the most basic of the outfit and change it into one of the awe inspiring outfit choice.

When we talk about James Bond almost all of us would hear the popular signature theme song of the series in our minds. Most of us would not know the fact that like many other famous series and films the James Bond series was also based on the main character of a novel Casino Royale. This thriller was written by Ian Fleming and in it James Bond is a part of British secret intelligence service and was codenamed as agent 007 ( mostly articulated as double oh seven). This novel was based in the cold War era and the superspy was trained in special forces and intelligence. The character was carefully written to make the man look perfect and mysterious. He was always updated on the latest gadgets, fought the international gangsters and bought them before justice and was also always found among beautiful women. The charismatic character was also an enthusiastic gambler and loved vodka martini which might explain the mandatory casino or bar event in which he orders the drink in every movie. The novel was an instant hit and he wrote about 12 other novels and a short story based on the main character of James Bond. The novel Dr. No was first adapted into a film in 1963 and became to be one of the one of most popular and celebrated movie franchises of all time. Since then James Bond have been portrayed by a number of actors so that the James Bond character remained ageless throughout the several decades of the making of the films. Even after the original author Fleming's death many other writers started writing new novels based on the character of James Bond.

Now coming back to the James Bond suits it is one of the most noted things next to the charisma and style of James Bond. If you had watched the films you would have noted that most of time the character seems to be dressed in suits though at the first thought our mind usually procures him wearing a black tie attire. The suit is not something that nowadays men wear for date nights. It does not have the same effect that it has years ago but still the James Bond character seems to enjoy going around in suits while fighting the crimes. Many might think that this affliction for suits of James Bond would make him stand out in the modern world so much do for being the spy. But you will have to keep in mind that the James Bond character was birthed in the 1960s and his character was that he came from money. He attended prestigious schools and colleges and thus picturing the character at the time you could see him wearing suits for almost anything. And when that was taken to the screen the suits became one of the character's trademark which seems to stick with it even after decades of its creation.

White Blazer Navy Blue Outfit Charcoal Grey Suit

Now this does not mean that the character being the spy do not try to blend in. This is where the theory of James Bond grey men's suits come in. If you observe closely you would note that the character often wears a blue suit or grey suit whenever he opts to dress in one. The James Bond grey men's suit is considered to be almost the uniform of the character. This is because of the fact that the grey suits are common and thus will not be memorable. This right here is one of the most important characteristics of being a spy and James Bond nails it with style. Most of the time he goes under the cover of the businessmen and thus the James Bond grey men's suit is perfect for the character. While the aim here is to blend in it does not mean that the James Bond grey men's suits should be boring and bland. If you are still skeptical to our idea of making the grey suits exciting one of the best examples is the James Bond grey mens suits.

If we could ever take a glimpse at the wardrobe of James Bond we would attest that there would be an array of James Bond grey men's suits but it will be anything but boring. There are a lot of styles in grey suits and as unbelievable as it may sound you can easily find them in the market. While the charcoal suits have gained a lot of importance in today's corporate world it is not the only option that you can try without getting curious eyes on you. If you are interested and would like to know more about the interesting styles in grey suits then you can take an inspiration from none other than the grey suit lover James Bond.

We have a strong reason to believe that James Bond has worn almost all variations of the grey suits available in the market. Example of this is the fact that he appears in from Russia with love wearing five different James Bond grey men's suits and you can also note that four among the five suits vary in looks when compared with each other. The mens James Bond grey men's suits are a perfect choice when you want to learn about the different shades present in grey suits, how to style them for different season, the patterns available on the grey suits, how best to rock them and much more. Now here are some ideas of James Bond grey men's suits that we think might help you if you are thinking of trying out one of those.

The main advantage with the grey suits is that they are neutral and thus can be worn anywhere without getting as much as a second glance. While this may sound to be a bad thing for some people it is one that men who like the dress simple are after. Also the neutrality of the James Bond grey men's suits will provide you with the freedom to pair it with almost all colors.

Now if you are getting your first suit then it would be a better option to go with the James Bond solid grey suit. But remember that the completely solid grey suits will make the outfit boring. Though devoid of pattern some sort of textured solid James Bond grey men's suits must be your choice. As for the material of the James Bond grey men's suits most of it is made from wool and without showing much of the weave. Flannel James Bond grey Wool suits that come without any visible weave are the best choice you can get for your first suit. This wool flannel James Bond suits or any other wool flannel suits are when from yarns that are spun in multiple grey shades. This will give the material a more exciting and livelier look when compared to the simple flat grey suit. At the start of the time the wool James Bond grey men's suit was considered to be the signature style of businessmen which made the character show up in this suit more often in Dr. No, goldfinger, diamonds are forever, from Russia with love and many more. If you want to get this james Bond grey men's suit costume then you would have to go with a high quality suit that is also cut sharp to accentuate the man's feature in all the right places.

The James Bond charcoal grey suits are also seen in most of the films when he wants to get the businessman attire going. The charcoal grey James Bond suit is easier to style since the slightly darker look of the suit will make it easier to pair with other neutrals giving you a regular office day worthy look. When you note the charcoal James Bond grey suit that he wears in The world is not enough you can see that the grey yarns of the fabric are mixed with some of the brown and blue ones which gives an interesting look to the usual grey suits.

2 Button Outfit But when it comes to summer James Bond grey men's suit style the man seems to lean towards the lighter greys. For example in films like Dr. No, Live and let live and Diamond are forever he seems to be wearing a plain weave James Bond light grey suit or a worsted wool James Bond grey men's suit or other variations of the light grey suits. This seems to be a business look that is suited for the warmer weathers. For example if you want a rich look then you can go with the mohair blend James Bond grey suits. The worsted wool James Bond grey suits are another alternative to the flannel suits since it also gives the plain grey suit a livelier look. When you opt for a cool look it would be a better option to go with linen James Bond grey men's suits. Most would avoid the linen suit given it's easy nature to wrinkle but even the rumples look interesting when James Bond wears the linen light grey suit with textured open weave in Casino Royale. When you opt for a non wool grey suit it is best to go with the textured ones since they will give the fabric a more interesting look. For example the linen suit in Casino Royale and even the James Bond grey silk suit in From Russia with love include textures to make the fabric look livelier.

If you think that the solid grey suits are nevertheless basic even with the textures and weaves then you can opt to go with semi solid James Bond grey men's suits. The patterned James Bond grey men's suits are seen in many instances in the films. The patterns on the grey suits are either woven in different accent colors or pick and pick type. The latter one which is also widely known as the James Bond grey sharkskin suits is subtler than the previous style. When you need a more pronounced style you can opt to go with the herringbone James Bond grey suits which he is seen wearing in The living daylights and You only live once. You can easily style these James Bond semi solid great suits for business use and these grey suits would stand out a little more when compared to the solid grey suits. The next type of James Bond grey suits that we recommend for you is the checked suits. James Bond grey checked suits are a step up from the semi solid grey suits and these come with the infusion of light colors like grey and white. For example the three piece James Bond grey suit that he wears in Goldfinger which comes with the glen hopsack is a good choice when you need a rememberable outfit. The James Bond single breasted grey two piece suit with subtle check is more subtle than the Glen hopsack James Bond grey suits.

When you decode all the James Bond grey men's suit styles you can note that the common factor between them is a perfect fit. This make sure you go with perfect fits according to your body type. James Bond grey Slim fit suits and James Bond grey classic fit suits are the ones that are most recommended.