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Mens Blue Pinstripe Suits

Blue stripe suits are one of the easiest styles to pull off for a man who is bored with the plain suits and are looking for a new style to try out. Stripes have been in fashion for a long time now. It all started with the bankers of the 19th century who literally adopted pinstripe suits as their uniform for work. Blue pinstripe suits were very popular at that time and the people distinguished the workers of different banks using the patterns. While some went for the thick blue chalk striped suits others went for the pinstripe suits. They also varied the distance between the stripes to make it look unique. The blue stripe suits have been in style for over centuries now and it is here to stay for more centuries hopefully. Thus it is important to include mens blue stripe suits to your wardrobe. Styling the blue striped suits might be hard for some people who have been used to the plain suit styles and thus we are here to help.

Double Breasted Suit 2 Button Suit Slimfit Suit Striped Suit

Blue stripe suit is a versatile garment since it can be subtle or bold depending on the look that you need. There are different styles and details in the blue suits and each deliver a different kind of look. Thus it would be best if you take some time to choose these details properly as per your need. We will guide you through these details of how to make the look work.

The first thing to note is the shade of the stripe suits. There are thousands of shades in blue and depending on the event for which you are styling the garment you can choose the shade. Darker the shade more formal it is considered to be. For example if you are a person who is looking for a suit that you can wear to your office then we would recommend you to go with navy blue pinstripe suits. Navy blue and midnight blue are some of the shades that might suit the formal atmosphere of your work. Pinstripes are also subtle and will make the suit look like it is solid from a distance.

Other than this blue can also work for the occasional events like weddings and prom. While the navy blue suits would definitely work for these events too you do not want to look like you have stepped out of the office to attend the event. Thus go with a lighter or brighter shade of stripe suits depending on the event. If you are the groom of the wedding then you can choose to go with the striped royal blue suit. It looks great and would be eye catching for the person wearing it. On the other hand if it is summer wedding then you can choose to go with the light blue suits. People who are trying the blue stripe suit for the first time would be recommended to go with the pinstripe suits since they are easier to style when compared to the chalk stripe suits.

Blue Suit The color of the stripes on the suits is also another thing to note. If the color of the stripes is much contrasting with the color of the suit it gives out a bold look. But if you want a simple and subtle look then go with the color of the stripes that will blend in well with the color of the suit. For example black stripes on navy blue suits give out a formal and smart look while white stripes on the navy blue suits would provide a bold look.

If you are quite impressed with the blue stripe suit mens look but think that it is outdated then think again. The pinstripe suits are making a comeback and the celebrities are loving the trend. Here are some of the stripe blue suit outfits that we think are great. If you are starting out with the blue striped suits but have no idea about the styling you can take inspiration with these suits outfits.

Tom Hiddleston

The Loki actor is undoubtedly one of the best styled celebrities out there. Whenever he attends an event like an award event or such you cannot catch him slacking. For the empire award event the British actor was spotted wearing a dark blue striped suit that was fitted perfectly for the man. He paired the suit with a white dress shirt and a burgundy tie. He completed the look perfectly by matching the tie with a pair of burgundy leather formal shoes. If you are attending a formal event time where you want to look dressed up then you can choose to go with the Tom's navy blue striped suit.

Wool Suit Ryan Gosling

Any article about stylish suits is not complete without mentioning Ryan Gosling at least once. For the Belvedere vodka event that he attended the La la land actor was seen wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit mens with a white dress shirt and black tie. The navy blue suit is simple but with the pinstripes adds a bold look for the actor. Along with the slicker back hair and a pair of black leather formal shoes. This would be a great look for the people who are looking for a formal look that you can wear to the business events.

Conor McGregor

If you are a person who likes to think extraordinary and want to try out new styles then you should go with Conor McGregor's Fuck you suit. For the talk show he attended Conor was spotted wearing a blue pinstripe 3 piece suit that was perfect in the fit. The blue stripe slim fit suit is a common style but what made Conor's suit different is the stripes. Instead of the simple lines the suit had Fuck you written as the stripes. Though the suit garnered much criticism it still is one of the boldest styles till date.