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Grey And Burgundy Suit

If you are a person who suits up often like on a daily basis and your wardrobe is riddled with the usual boring black and navy outfits then it is time that you add some twist and color to your wardrobe. While navy is still undoubtedly the best option that does not mean that you will have to fill your wardrobe with slight variations in navy which you cannot even notice until you squint. We understand that navy is your safest option but in recent times the work environment have become more flexible and understanding when it comes to work outfits. The strict business outfit codes have been relaxed to business casual outfits being accepted.

This all being said now let us see some of the colors that will definitely help you venture out in style. As for formal wear a color that works equally well as in navy is the grey. While some people may still argue against it grey is definitely having its moment of glory. The versatility of this style have been widely noticed making it a staple color in every mens wardrobe. If for formal occasions like weddings then go with light shades of grey especially if its summer. Pairing thisgrey and burgundy suit with a white dress shirt and a patterned tie along with matching accessories may be a good choice. As for to be used as a work wear it is always better to go with dark shades of grey. You can pair them with a crisp white shirt and a navy blue necktie. You can also replace the shirt with roll up neck sweaters but remember to keep everything relatively dark colored.

loafer You can also use the grey and burgundy suit as separates. You can wear the grey trousers with knit sweaters and patterned shirts for a casual look. When going for the formal sweaters look you can also add sports coats to the mix and up your fashion game. If you are going for a smart casual look then go for peacoats and style them as such.

Now for a more casual style and one that you can rock to parties a good color is burgundy. This color is now greatly favored by Hollywood celebrities and having a parade in runways and red carpets. Starting from a full grey and burgundy suit to a burgundy blazer style there are many styles in which you can rock this. Starting from Tom Hiddleston to James Gordon there are many examples to draw inspiration from and also note that the color complements all body types. Harry Styles being that the fashion icon he is has gone to lengths of adding patterns to this color thus giving us a rock and roll look which is at the same time elegant.

Burgundy also comes in various shades like all colors and choosing the one depends purely on the wearers personality. While the dark matte Burgundys give a posh rich look the bright Burgundys have a sheen about them that makes them stand out in the crowd.