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Blue directly translates to navy blue for most men since that has been the shade that we have been used to for a long time. But there are about a thousand different shades in blue and depending on the look you can choose the shades. Royal blue suits are our recommendation for today since we think that navy blue is not the only versatile color that deserves so much spotlight. Royal blue is the more exciting cousin of the navy blue and it is a great color to wear for the men who are looking for a cool color to choose for events that aren't too formal. Here we talk about blue suits in detail and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Royal blue is a vibrant shade that would provide your outfit with a refreshing vibe. Navy suits are indeed the most versatile color and you can choose the navy suits without a second thought for your Monday office day. But when it comes to mens royal blue suits it would definitely attract some more attention but not in a bad way. Royal blue suit for work would be a good choice for the special occasions or for the summer. Other than this royal blue suits would feel at home when you style them for the weddings and such celebratory events given that the shade is in itself is vibrant and cool.

Stripe Suit Styling the royal suit mens would need some knowledge since you will have to balance the color. People especially the ones who are used to the dark shades might find it hard but when you get down some basics you will be able to pull it off without much effort. As for the formal events the first choice of us for the royal suits is the weddings. If you are going with a formal or semi formal wedding and are looking for the groom attire then you should consider going with the royal blue dinner suits. As we have mentioned before the vibrant color gives out refreshing look that suits the event.

Usually the grooms go with the navy he or black dinner suits but when it comes to formal events there is a chance that you get overshadowed by the guests since these are the usual shades that men choose to wear for the weddings. Thus to stand out from the rest on your special day and get that extra special something you can go with the blue suit outfit. Here we have compiled some of the best looks that would work when you are styling the royal blue suit for the wedding.

For a formal look you can style the royal blue formal suit with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. If you want to maintain the minimalistic look then we would recommend you to go with the black patent leather shoes. On the other hand if you don't mind choosing a slightly flashier look then you can go with styling the royal blue 3 piece suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie would be a cool look for this groom attire. The dandy maximalist outfit can completed with a light brown formal shoes and a boutonniere. Lastly the choice of your outfit tends to depend entirely on the groom and thus choose the outfit depending on the type of the wedding you are going with.

Other than weddings you can also choose to style the blue suit design for the special occasions like cocktail parties and award functions. The parties can be formal or casual and thus you can alter the look according to the appropriate look. Here are some of the royal blue party suit outfits that we think might help you reach a decision on the outfit you are going to wear for the event.

Royal Blue Tuxedo For example if you are attending a dinner party with your work colleagues then you will have to impress your higher ups with an impeccable outfit. This is the chance to take out your royal blue outfits. Since the royal blue suits are in itself eye catching you don't have to overdo the styling. For these types of the dinner events it would be a great look to style the royal blue slim fit suit 3 piece with a white dress shirt and a pair of black leather loafers. If you aren't too comfortable with the vested look then you can leave it out and go with the 2 piece royal blue suit.

If it is an award event where stealing the focus for a little amount of time is not considered rude and is in fact appreciated you can choose to style the royal blue velvet suit with a black silk long sleeve shirt and a pair of black Chelsea leather boots. The velvet royal blue suits would give you a cool look for these types of the events since they give you a sophisticated and dressed up look. You can also go with the silk and patterned blue suits when you are dressing for these special occasions. Paisley blue suits and royal blue floral suits are some of the styles you should check out when you are looking through blue suit designs in sale.

Summer and spring are some of the seasons in which the royal suits tend to look appropriate. For a formal summer party go with a cotton blue suit. But if it is a more casual type of event or a simple summer vacation with the friends then you can choose to go with the royal blue suit linen. If you are still not convinced about trying out the blue suit style then there are other options to check whether the look is for you. You can go with the royal suit rental and once you are convinced about the style you can get your own or you can start slow with the royal blue suit jackets.