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Maroon Suits

Two-Buttons-Burgundy-Color-Suit/ Truth be told red is not the first color that we reach out for while purchasing for suits. But this season the darker shades of red suits are becoming the style trend that looks very promising. While there are many variations in the red shades like burgundy, wine red and many more the one that we are going to discuss about today is the maroon men's suits and some of the best ways to style them.

The popularity of the maroon men's suits might be attributed to their versatility. Though they might not work well as the navy suits and charcoal gray suits in the formal settings they still work better than most of the bright colored suits. Apart from this the maroon men's suits also give the wearer a dressed up look and thus can be styled to special occasions like weddings. The red tinge on the maroon men's suits also gives it a celebratory vibe and thus can be styled to the fun events like parties given that it is styled right. People have started recognising this versatile use of the beige suits and this is one of the reason for their number soaring in the fashion market.

Before purchasing for the maroon men's suits you should select the proper shade according to the event you are attending. For example if it is a formal event go with dark shades of maroon men's suits that has more brown to it. If it is a semi formal event then you can go with slightly brighter shades of maroon suits. The material that the maroon men's suits are made from also changes according to the event and the climate at which you are styling it.

For example if you are attending a formal church wedding that is held in winter then it is recommended for you to go with darker shade of wool light brown suit. If you are the groom if the wedding then you can try out the 3 piece maroon suit look. The reason why we recommend the vested maroon suit look is that the extra layer provided warmth against the cold while at the same time gives a formal look to the wearer. Also wool is a great fabric that is also easily available. You can get it in different weights depending on your requirement.

But if you are attending a summer event like beach wedding then opt to go with brighter shades of cotton Brown tweed suits or linen maroon men's suits. Cotton and wool are both great fabrics for summer use but cotton is recommended for formal use since linen tends to wrinkle easily. But if you go with blends of linen this problem is reduced a great deal. Other than this seersucker maroon suits are also recommended for casual summer use.

Silk maroon men's suits and Brown suits are recommended for special occasions like award events and weddings. These materials look great when paired with a dark rich color like maroon. Polyester maroon suits and rayon maroon suits are recommend when you need a cheap priced maroon suit.

Two-Buttons-Slim-Fit-Suit As for styling the maroon men's suits here are some ideas that we think might help incase you decide to try out the style. The maroon men's suits have been a style favorite among the fashion loving celebrities even a long time back and now the style has got all the men. Proof of this is the ladies favorite heartthrob George Clooney rocking a maroon suit in the red carpet of 1998 with his then girlfriend Celine Balitran. He wore the single breasted maroon suit with a blue dress shirt leaving the top button open and a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. While this was considered to be a major fashion risk at that time, this look is now a common style. For a little more serious look you can go with pairing the double breasted maroon suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie.

Mens-Three-Button-Burgundy-Suit If you are new to the Brown pinstripe suit style then you can start out slow with a softer shade of maroon suit. A peak lapel maroon suit of softer shade paired with a white dress shirt and a gray tie is a proper look to start out the style. For a smart casual look you can go with slightly lighter shades of maroon men's suits. The dark shaded suits are the most versatile ones since you can wear it both as formal and casual style. For example you can get the Rami Malek look by pairing a notch lapel maroon suit with a white polo and white canvas low top sneakers. For a dressy event like weddings you can style the shawl lapel maroon suit with a white dress shirt and a burgundy floral tie. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. For a party look you can pair the maroon suit with a printed dress shirt or a tshirt. For the shirt you fan go with silk or satin ones for a dressy look. 2 piece maroon suit paired with a black turtle neck is a cool style for a casual office day.

Oher than the solid maroon suits you can opt to go with patterned ones when you need a distinct style. Striped maroon men's suits are a safe choice when you need a subtle look. But when you need your style to stand out we recommend you to go with plaid maroon men's suits that have pronounced patterns. Conor McGregor's maroon suit with white checks is a great example for the bold patterned look of light brown suits.

Since maroon men's suits will be sure to grab some attention it is best to go with nicely fitting look. Skinny fit maroon men's suits are suited for casual use while the slim fit maroon men's suits and modern fit maroon suits are recommended for formal use. Classic fit maroon men's suits are for men who like to go with a little roomier style when compared to the previous fits.