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Casino Royale Suit

Casino Royale Suit

Many a times the movies we love or the characters we admire can influence our outfit decisions to a great level. There are people who love to recreate the exact style of the stars in their favourite movies. James Bond is one of the most famous and obvious choice. The debonair secret agent looks great in everything he wears and is one of the perfect candidate for being a style icon. In this article we discuss about the some styles that he wears in Casino Royale.

The first suit is a summer style. He wears a light grey summer suit which is in linen. While most of the linen suits in the movies are of beige color, the light grey works well in this combination. The jacket that he wears has three button fronts and four button sleeves. The jacket also features a peak lapels, flap pockets and is double vented. The style of this casino royalesuit is classic and formal and can be easily pulled off with a tie for a summer wedding. The shirt that he wears has large two button cutaway collars along with short sleeves. This may seem odd when paired with a jacket but makes sense since the climate in the scene is hot. The lightness of the outfit is effortlessly eye catching and is a good pick for casual events like weddings and parties. The basic rule in rocking a casino royalesuit in Bond style is to be both comfortable and confident in the look. For the comfort factor make sure that your casino royalesuit is well fit. As for the confident factor get used to wearing the casino royalesuit often and only then you will be confident in rocking it.

When it comes to tuxedos the fit is what matters the most. This is the perfect fashion for an evening wear. There are lot of scenes in which James Bond is seen wearing a tux and each and every time it looks perfect. The tux that he wears in Casino Royale has a single button front and has silk trimmed peak lapels. The tux is of perfect fit has no vents with jetted pockets. As a modern take on the outfit he goes without a vest or a cummerbund. The shirt that he wears has spread collars and double cuffs. They also have a placket with hidden buttons.

When wearing a tux most of the men are seen fussing over it and it is one of the main thing you will have to avoid. Stop touching the buttons and cuffs often. While sitting down pull your trousers legs up slightly so that they do not stretch at knees. You can check out yourself in toilet mirror but avoid doing it in public. Now whether be it a suit or a tux it is almost never acceptable to remove the jacket when in public. While it may be okay to remove and hang it while in your workplace you should make sure to wear it when going out for meetings.

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